The third iteration of ‘G.I. Joe‘ is rumored to finally be in the works and now it sounds as if the main villains for the film have been decided. With G.I. Joe: Retaliation‘ leaving Cobra Commander in hiding, Destro out of the picture, both Zartan and Firefly dead – it will be up to someone else to run the show for the time being. Or, two someones. The latest rumor has it set that the twins Tomax and Xamot will be taking over for the time being.

It sounds as if the film will pit Dwayne Johnson’s Roadblock against “The Crimson Twins” in order to move the series forward. Honestly, while the concept behind these two can cause a lot of eye rolls, one question that you even see come up today is: “Who is funding terrorists?”

Well, when it comes to Cobra it has primarily been the Twins. When not running Cobra’s Crimson Guard they are busy running Extensive Enterprises. This is a corporation that Cobra uses for financing its actions as well as to manipulate the law in their favor.

The twins are ex-military and are tactical geniuses. They prefer using their brains over brawn though are no slouches in a fight.

While talking about the twins the report also mentions a cameo that comes completely out of left field. Apparently there is word that Matt Trakker from the 1980’s toyline M.A.S.K. might make an appearance. When Hasbro purchased Kenner, they actually released a G.I.Joe figure of Trakker which puts them in the same realm of canon.

What is interesting on the rumor is that it is fresh on the tail of word that a ‘GoBots‘ film is in the works. This is another property that Hasbro ended up purchasing and this one technically falls into ‘Transformers’ canon.

I wouldn’t count on that M.A.S.K. crossover happening but you never know what the studio will decide is a good idea to put on the big screen.

What are your thoughts on Tomax and Xamot being the big villains in the next big screen ‘G.I. Joe’ movie?

Source: Cinema Blend