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While the rumor mill is churning overtime when it comes to the sequel to ‘Man of Steel’, currently commonly referred to as ‘Batman Vs. Superman’, one of the only concrete facts about the movie is that Wonder Woman will play a role and will be depicted by Gal Gadot (known for the ‘Fast & Furious’ franchise).  What else do we know?  Wonder Woman will appear in a battle sequence of some sort.  Gadot has already confirmed that she is training in “Kung Fu, kickboxing, swords, jujutsu, Brazilian.”

She will earn $300,000 for her first appearance as Wonder Woman, which some speculate means that her part will be pretty small.  Others posit that maybe DC simply locked the relatively unknown actress in at a low pay rate in order to keep funding manageable as the franchise inevitably balloons into a ‘Justice League’ series.

Along those lines, Gadot admitted that she signed to a three-picture deal.  ‘Batman Vs. Superman’ would be the first, with presumably ‘Justice League’ following (possibly filming back-to-back) and then…?  Fingers crossed, a solo Wonder Woman movie!

With all the casting rumors out there, fans are trying to match actors to potential roles.  Denzel Washington or The Rock as Green Lantern?  The Flash?  Josh Holloway as Aquaman?  The Martian Manhunter or Cyborg?  Honestly, at this point it’s all speculation and wishful thinking.  (Personally, I’d kill to see Keri Washington play a super hero.  How about her as Vixen?  Can we start that rumor buzzing?  Maybe someone in Hollywood will hear it and get inspired.)

But as of now, all we know for sure is Gal gadot will appear in a combat role in ‘Batman Vs. Superman’, she will appear in two additional films and we know her initial salary.

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