Coming back to the second half of the fifth season of ‘The Walking Dead‘ might mean a few people may need to catch up on the series and today’s featurette will help you to do just that! This is especially true if you’ve already watched the first two minutes of the next episode and were scratching your head in confusion about how our characters got where they are.

In the featurette below you’ll see both cast and crew talking about how we got to this point. You’ll hear from actor Andrew Lincoln, Co-Executive Producer Denise Huth, Executive Producers Scott Gimple and Gale Anne Hurd and more! It really is the perfect reminder of where all our characters currently were when we last saw them. Not just location wise, but what mental state many of them were in as well as the big reveal at the end of the mid-season finale.

Oh yes, if you aren’t caught up, there is a very big spoiler in the video.

So there you have it! No spoilers on what is to come but plenty of talk on where the characters are going.

Are you planning to tune in this Sunday to check on how the survivors are doing? Share your thoughts below!

‘The Walking Dead’ is set to reinfect AMC for Season 5B this Sunday, February 8th at 9/8c.

Source: Spoiler TV