If there was any doubt fans would get to see ‘Heroes Reborn’ this year, then doubt no longer. During the Super Bowl, the teaser for the series snuck in with a 15 second spot.

The teaser doesn’t show much except the squeal worthy appearances of the HRG a.k.a. the Horn Rimmed Glasses guy a.k.a. Noah Bennet (played by Jack Coleman) and the new addition to the cast Zachary Levi (Chuck Barktowsky from ‘Chuck’). Both seem to be watching an “evolved human” who seems to have the ability to manipulate the aurora borealis.

Production has yet to begin on series so there is little to nothing known about where this series will take us. What is known is that NBC has ordered 13 episodes of what is said to be a new standalone story arc that will focus on new characters. Beyond Coleman, no word of any other cast from the original series returning and only Zachary Quinto has officially declined to reprise his character Sylar. We don’t even know who Levi will be playing. A hero? A villain akin to Sylar? A G-man to work besides Bennet? Guess we’ll have to wait to find out.

Hopefully we won’t wait too long as NBC plans on launching a digital series that will introduce the new characters and new storylines before the series premieres.

Until then, check out the teaser for ‘Heroes Reborn’ below: