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It is not just fans that were saddened by the cancellation of the Netflix/Marvel series, as the cast and crew of ‘Iron Fist,’ ‘Luke Cage,’ and ‘Daredevil‘ have made it known how disappointed they were at the news. For many of them, not only was it a fun job working on characters they loved, but there was also the potential to bring other characters and stories to life in the series, which is what ‘Daredevil’ had just started to do in Season 3, right before their cancellation. Of course, I am referring to the series beginning the Bullseye arc, starting with telling the story of Benjamin Poindexter, who fans know eventually becomes Bullseye in the comics, arguably the main arch-nemesis of Daredevil. It feels like the show had just scratched the surface of the character when the season had ended, clearly intending to continue on with him in future seasons, plans which may never come to fruition now that the series has been cancelled (unless it is saved somehow).

Star Charlie Cox spoke about Bullseye’s story-line in Season 3 during a panel at ACE Comic-con in Phoenix recently, stating:

“Doing Season 3, with all of the Poindexter stuff, the Bullseye stuff, as it was slowly being revealed, I was just like ‘Ah! This is so cool!’ And I love how what they did with the show… they don’t overdo it. It just takes a little bit of time. As I was reading the scripts, I’m like,
‘He’s Bullseye! Is he? Yeah! Maybe not?’ You’re just not sure… When they showed the trailer for the first time, we all watched it and they showed the image of the cap with the bullseye. Everyone was freaking out, man! It was so cool…That’s, I think, the biggest- the thing that I’m most sad about is that we won’t get to really explore that relationship going forward. The Bullseye-Daredevil relationship…I’d be real excited to see Benjamin Poindexter really come into his own and really embody Bullseye and to see them face off, him and Daredevil face off. That’s something that I was looking forward to immensely for the future.”

It was very exciting to see the origins of Bullseye, and it looked like “Daredevil’ was going to do him justice, much the same as they had done for so many characters over the course of their three seasons (aka Wilson Fisk, Matt Murdock, Frank Castle), and it is a real shame we may never get to see what they had planned. It does prove, however, just how unexpected the whole situation with Netflix cancelling all of the Marvel shows was for the people creating the shows, and MAYBE gives all the more reason for Marvel/Disney to find a way to save these shows due to all the good creative work they did, and the massive fan-base they built up over the years.

Only time will tell, but for now, at least we have the second season of ‘The Punisher’ to look forward to this week.

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