Last month, Marvel Studios announced that Benedict Cumberbatch had been cast in Scott Derrickson’s ‘Doctor Strange’. However, before the ‘Star Trek Into Darkness’ and ‘Sherlock’ star landed the role of the Sorcerer Supreme, a number of actors were rumored to be in talks for the lead of the inaugural Phase Three film. Jon Hamm, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Johnny Depp, Jared Leto, Tom Hardy, Ethan Hawke, and Joaquin Phoenix were all lined up to play Dr. Stephen Strange at one point, but apparently there were a few other names in the mix that weren’t as widely advertised. For example, ‘Star Wars’ prequel star Ewan McGregor was in contention for the role. Now, Obi-Wan Kenobi himself opens up about nearly joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe in a new interview.

While appearing at the Sundance Film Festival, McGregor spoke to MTV News about almost landing a role at the House of Ideas. Although he had never heard of the character before, he was intrigued by Strange since he’d be originating a character that will likely be around for a while (or at least until ‘Avengers: Infinity War’):

“Yeah, I was into it. I thought it was exciting. I’m not a big comic guy, so I didn’t know who Doctor Strange was. So, I was intrigued by it and I like the idea of creating, or being a superhero character. They didn’t [pick me], but it was still fun to be a part of the mix for a while.”

To hear everything that he had to say, check out the video below:

It’s always fun to think how a film or TV show would have been different with another star. And though we don’t know anything about Cumberbatch’s Doctor Strange, it’s interesting to imagine how McGregor’s would have been. How do you think he would have done as Marvel’s master of the mystical arts? Would you have preferred the ‘Big Fish’ and ‘Moulin Rouge’ star filling the role? Or are you optimistic about the fan favorite British actor’s portrayal of the classic Marvel hero? Sound off in the comments.

‘Doctor Strange’ starring Benedict Cumberbatch hits theaters on November 4, 2016.