Since Marvel Studios announced in 2013 that it would be teaming with Netflix to present four new original shows and a mini-series starring some of their street-level heroes, the focus has largely been on ‘Daredevil’ starring Charlie Cox. Naturally, this is because it’s premiering first on April 10th, but the rest of the shows seem to finally be shaping up a little bit.

Recently, Krysten Ritter was cast as the titular character on ‘AKA Jessica Jones’ alongside David Tennant as Dr. Zebediah Kilgrave AKA the Purple Man and Mike Colter as Luke Cage, who will have a series of his own somewhere down the line. However, despite the roster of the Defenders coming together, Iron Fist seems to be largely missing from these conversations. That is, until Indie Revolver uncovered a Facebook post from ‘Kickboxer: Vengeance’ star Alain Moussi. The newcomer featured in the remake of the classic 90s JCVD martial arts film posted the following picture, but quickly deleted it:

As you can see, it looks like he’s checking out Ed Brubaker and Matt Fraction’s amazing comic series ‘The Immortal Iron Fist,’ but with that caption and the speed at which he took down the post seems to indicate that he could be joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Is it possible that his ‘Kickboxer’ co-stars Dave Bautista of ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ and Georges St. Pierre of ‘Captain America: The Winter Soldier’ put in a good word for him that lead to a chance to play the Living Weapon? Well, not exactly. Shortly after Moussi deleted the cryptic post from his Facebook page, he took to Twitter to share this message:

It’s still possible that the actor could end up going in for the role since Marvel and Netflix aren’t likely far enough into the development of ‘Iron Fist’ yet, but this could just be another case of another person rallying to get a dream role. Even if it is though, Moussi wouldn’t be a terrible choice. I may not have seen much of his work, but ‘Kickboxer: Vengeance’ is a big enough project to get a little buzz and Marvel Studios has been known for casting lesser known talents and turning them into something big. I wouldn’t put money on it or anything, but I’d estimate that the Canadian martial artist has just as good a chance as anybody at this point.

Who do you think should play Danny Rand in Marvel and Netflix’s ‘Iron Fist’? Would you mind seeing Alain Moussi in the starring role? Let us know in the comments below.