Hot on the heals of the full casting announcement for Paul Feig’s ‘Ghostbusters‘ reboot, it seems there is another actor he has room for in the film – Bill Murray. Yes, Feig is going to try to court the man responsible for a third ‘Ghostbusters’ film to have never surfaced as a smaller role in his reboot. Yeah, good luck with that.

We’ll get to what that role is in a moment. First, though, we’ve got a ton of new details to share with you about the movie! We’ve found out the names as well as a brief description of the four Ghostbusters the actresses will be playing.

First up is Erin Gabler who is trying to get her tenure at Columbia. She co-authored a book about the paranormal when she was younger with our next character. It is rumored that this will be the role Kristen Wiig will be playing.

The second character that we are introduced to is Abby Bergman. Co-author of the above mentioned novel and amateur ghost hunter. Clearly this is going to go from hunting to busting. Leslie Jones is rumored to play her,

Jillian is Abby’s current partner in crime and is the cohost of their very ghost hunting show. Kate McKinnon is rumored to play her which would make a great pairing with Jones as they are both currently ‘SNL’ members and have worked together on that show.

Finally we have Patty who is an MTA subway ticket employee that finds the first real ghost in the film. This seems like a perfect part for Melissa McCarthy.

We’ve also learned that the antagonist is a “creepy mechanical genius” which Feig wants wants Peter Dinklage for. Dinklage has been on the short list from even the earlier rumored plot so parts of that may still be accurate.

Another main character they are looking to cast is for Martin Heiss who debunks ghosts and the supernatural for a living. This is where they are looking to have Bill Murray return to the series. While it could be fun, I just can’t imagine that they he would say yes at this point after years of stubborn refusal.

What are your thoughts on the early brief details for ‘Ghostbusters’? Are you willing to give the film a chance or are you only willing to give the original four a call? Share your thoughts below!

You can call the new ‘Ghostbusters’ on July 22, 2016!

Source: Slash Film