It’s been talked about since the 90s since the show ended, but now it appears that ‘Captain Planet and the Planeteers’ is finally getting a live action feature film. After the last attempt to get the right powers to combine with the Cartoon Network fell through, producers Don Murphy and Susan Montford are in final negotiations to make it happen at Sony.

Murphy and Montford will be joined by Mark Gordon to produce the feature based on the 1990s Turner Broadcasting and DIC Entertainment environmentally aware cartoon. The show followed five teens from around the world that were given powers by the spirit of the Earth Gaia in order to keep the planet safe from eco-related destruction. Then, whenever they needed some extra help (which turned out to basically be every time), they would summon Captain Planet to save the day.

Basically a cross between ‘Mighty Morphin Power Rangers’ and ‘Superman’, Captain Planet certainly has a bunch of appeal to audiences today, especially because of the diversity among it’s cast and the popularity of superhero movies. But part of it’s appeal today to the people who grew up on the series is the campy nature in which they would deliver their message of anti-pollution, recycling, and the like. If taken more seriously, then part of that appeal is lost for part of their audience. However, if the production can balance the camp and the modernization, then there’s some possibility of a pretty good film on our hands.

Are you excited to hear about a live action ‘Captain Planet’ movie in the works? Do you think that a big budget modern take on the hero will be true to the cartoon and appeal to it’s original audience while creating a new one? Do you think Don Cheadle should reprise his role as the titular character? Throw in your two cents in the comments.


Source: THR