Microsoft has released a new trailer for ‘Killer Instinct’ showing off Omen, the fifth character joining Season 2 of the Xbox One exclusive fighting game.

Revealed earlier this month on the ‘Killer Instinct’ forums, the new trailer finally gives players a glimpse of gameplay of Omen, the evil spirit who possesses Jago rendering him into Shadow Jago. Those familiar with the lore of the series will recognize him as the Herald of Gargos.

Omen will be available for free to those who own the Ultra Edition of ‘Killer Instinct: Season 2’ on January 30 and to Combo Breaker Edition owners on February 5.

Despite being a new addition to the roster of characters in ‘Killer Instinct: Season 2,’ Omen will only be available as a bonus character, meaning that he is not included in the eight characters that are given out in a season. Currently, he is only available to those who bought the Season 2 pack. Microsoft has stated that they have made no plans to sell him individually.

Those who stick around until the end of the trailer will find some pretty big news with a cameo reveal of the next Season 2 fighter, a giant walking mass of rocks named Golem. Despite the reveal, nothing else was shown off of the character in terms of gameplay. However, if this is anything like past reveals for ‘Killer Instinct’ characters, more information should be expected to drop in the coming weeks.

‘Killer Instinct’ for the Xbox One is a reboot of the classic fighting game series originally developed by Rare for arcades back in 1994. Released as an Xbox One launch title, the game itself and its first season of content was developed by Double Helix Games. However, handling development for the second season is Iron Galaxy Studios, a development studio known for their work on the ‘Divekick’ series.

‘Killer Instinct: Season 2′ is available now exclusively on Xbox One.  

Source: Killer Instinct YouTube