After ‘The Avengers’ dominated the box office earlier this summer, Marvel is now looking to bring the team to every other screen you’re exposed to. First, back in March, they unveiled ‘Marvel: Avengers Alliance’ for Facebook. Then, at Comic-Con, The House of Ideas announced ‘Avengers: Battle For Earth’ for the Nintendo Wii and Xbox 360. Now, The Avengers are heading to our cell phones in a new mobile game.

According to Deadline, Marvel proclaimed, “something massive is smashing into mobile [gaming]”. The report speculates that the teaser image above may be related to the ‘Marvel: War of Heroes’ mobile game from Mobage that was announced earlier this month, but there’s no reports confirming this claim. All we know right now is that The Hulk, Iron Man, Captain America, and Thor will be involved as they are featured in the image.

Are you excited to bring the Avengers anywhere you go on your cell phone? While I’m sure that this game will be all sorts of impressive with the new developments in mobile gaming technology, but the most anticipated Marvel video game release for me is the upcoming Deadpool game.