He may have started out as the bumbling Andy Dwyer on the sitcom ‘Parks & Recreation,’ but with that show wrapping up, what better time for Chris Pratt to… oh, I don’t know, become a freakin’ MEGASTAR?  He’s already well on his way, having spearheaded one of last year’s highest grossing movies ‘Guardians of the Galaxy‘ as an affable wannabe rogue.  Next he’ll star in one of this year’s surefire hits ‘Jurassic World’, once more in the lead role as Owen.  (Just Owen so far as we know.)  He’ll also star with Denzel Washington in a remake of the classic western ‘The Magnificent Seven’ directed by respected filmmaker Anton Fuqua.  Could it get any bigger?  In fact it can and may!

Harrison Ford as the original Indiana Jones

Since Disney bought out Lucasfilm LTD, they acquired all of that studio’s properties.  The bulk of… actually ALL of the attention has been on ‘Star Wars’, but don’t forget that Lucasfilm also owns the rights to Indiana Jones and it sounds as if, now that the ‘Star Wars’ projects are rolling, Disney is going to revive the scrappy adventurer previously played by Harrison Ford.  And Disney (who also owns Marvel, the studio behind ‘GotG’) is reportedly eying Pratt to take on that legendary film role.  I’m sure you recall Star-Lord’s first scene in ‘GotG’ which was a direct homage to the first scene in ‘Raiders of the Lost Ark.’  (Maybe that’s where they got the idea.)

Before the sale to Disney, Lucasfilm and Paramount (who distributed the original movies) attempted to revive the franchise with 2008’s ‘Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull’ in which an older Indy essentially passed the torch to his illegitimate son “Mutt” Jones, played by Shia LaBeouf, who was intended to headline any further sequels.  But the film met with tepid response and sequel plans were scrapped.  (Considering that LaBeouf’s popularity has since plummeted and he has begun engaging in some… questionable activity, that’s probably for the best.)

On the other hand, Pratt’s star is doing nothing but rising.  His comedic timing and lovable goofball persona should properly serve the character, who always displayed a dry sense of humor when embodied by Ford.  And ‘GotG’ proved he had the physical ability to play an action hero.  I mean really, who doesn’t like this guy?

But keep in mind this is strictly a rumor at this point.  Disney is still early in the process of developing this movie and casting news changes constantly.  But as of now, I can’t imagine a better choice to play the new Indiana Jones.

What do you think?  Good choice or would you rather see someone else in the famous fedora?  Or do you think the original movies are sacred and should be left alone?

Source: Deadline