March 1st, 2013, is going to bring us the end of all things. Offhand you would think a movie entitled ‘The Last Exorcism‘ would be a tale that was concluded with one installment. A movie whose very purpose is to be the “last” of something. Horror films, of course, don’t work that way. Once a movie is successful it tends to spawn a franchise that will sooner or later end up ruining itself from a lack of originality.

That being said, I highly enjoyed ‘The Last Exorcism’ and am looking forward to see where the sequel goes. I mean this is entitled ‘Part 2’ as to be picking up where the first one left off. Nell Sweetzer (Ashley Bell) is going to be found alone in Louisiana. New Orleans should clearly be the last place anyone wants to be when they’ve gone through a paranormal experience. Whole portions of the last few months of Nell’s life are missing from her memory, so it will be quite safe to say that aside from knowing she is the last surviving member of her family, the entire possession process, or at least most of it, may have been completely erased from her memory. Forgetting being processed by a demon, though, doesn’t mean it didn’t happen and the force that had taken over her body and mind is back to again to use her to wreak havoc upon our world.

Obviously the big draw on this poster is the focus on Nell. Not only is she positioned as a cross, but if you look closely at her wrists it looks as if she is being forcefully held in place. With the tagline of “GOD ASKS, THE DEVIL COMMANDS” it’s clear that she’s being forced into this position.

My only complaint is that they didn’t somehow figure a way for the shadow to instead be an upside cross in the style made so popular in ‘The Omen’ series. I feel it would have fit better on the whole but otherwise am eagerly waiting to check this one out!

What do you think of the poster?