Much to the excitement of Sony PlayStation fans everwhere, a slate of new games are going to be available throughout the year. Sony Online Entertainment LLC recently announced a line-up of new titles for the PlayStation®Network, including the massively popular ‘Plants vs. Zombies™’, ‘Acceleration of Suguri X Edition’, ‘Slam Bolt Scrappers’, ‘Akimi Village’, ‘Sideway’, and ‘Rochard’.

“SOE has delivered more than 6.5 million downloads worldwide on the PlayStation Network, including a mix of classic and original intellectual properties, top-tier casual games, and PlayStation Network exclusives,” said Chris Sturr, executive director of business development and corporate strategy at Sony Online Entertainment. “We continually seek creative opportunities to generate new and entertaining ways to enhance a player’s gaming experience and our latest line-up proves this with all-new games that are fun and engaging.”

As a leading publisher on the PlayStation Network, SOE will kick off the year with critically acclaimed ‘Plants vs. Zombies’, followed by a collection of games to entertain and challenge players. These include:

‘Plants vs. Zombies’ : Scheduled to debut on the PlayStation Network this February, this zombie-zapping downloadable game challenges players to build an armory of loyal plants to defend their home against attacking waves of the undead.

‘Acceleration of Suguri X Edition’: This game is the ultimate in anime-style robot-fighting. In ‘Acceleration of Suguri X Edition’, players assume the role of a scorned robot and maneuver through arcade storylines to battle other robots.

‘Slam Bolt Scrappers’: ‘Slam Bolt Scrappers’ is an extreme building and brawling mash-up game that is exclusive to the PlayStation Network. Players aim to construct the greatest towers in Slam Bolt City while defending against scheming enemies and impressive bosses.

‘Akimi Village’: Developed by NinjaBee, players need to attain blueprints, gather resources and build a village to help rid Akimi Island of lingering darkness in this PlayStation Network exclusive.

‘Sideway’: Set against the gritty art culture in New York City, ‘Sideway’ follows the adventures of Nox, a 2D defiant young artist, as he navigates the 3D urban streets. This bold new PlayStation Network exclusive by Playbrains and Fuel Industries is scheduled to launch this spring.

‘Rochard’: Players embrace the gravity-bending adventures of space miner John Rochard as he discovers the first proof of extra-terrestrial life. Developed by Recoil Games, ’Rochard’ combines space exploration and puzzle-solving for single-player fun.

These games will be debuting throughout 2011. For more information, visit