Guillermo Del Toro’s ‘Justice League Dark‘ movie, with the title of ‘Dark Universe,’ has been in the rumor mill for some time, with no one quite sure where/how it was going to fit in the DC Cinematic Universe, or when exactly it was going to come out, especially since it was not included in the line-up released in 2014 of planned DC Cinematic Universe films. However, Del Toro has assured fans that the film is coming, and will be a part of the DC Cinematic Universe, and now we’ve seen our first real rumor/spoiler for the film, confirming a few things most fans already knew/hoped would be in the movie:

It was already pretty widely accepted that John Constantine would be a member of the team, as he is the most well-known of DC’s occult heroes, and he has already had a movie and a TV show made about him. Good to know that he will officially be added to the DCCU, but nothing too surprising there. Same goes for Zatanna, as her relationship with Constantine is well known in the comics, she is a magician, and has childhood ties to Bruce Wayne/ Batman, giving her and the movie continuity with the rest of the DCCU. Brand/Deadman is an interesting choice, as the name implies he will start as Brand and become Deadman, suggesting a potential original story for the hero that possesses people. And finally, my personally favorite of the group, Jason Blood, is a welcome addition to the film, although not that surprising as it had already been rumored that his alter-ego Etrigan the demon would be in the movie.

Regardless, it’s an exciting line-up and another great move by DC to expand their universe in new and interesting ways (and in ways different from Marvel). Whereas the MCU takes time to introduce every character before launching a team-up (see ‘Avengers’ and the Netflix ‘Defenders’ projects), it seems Warner Bros/DC have decided to throw all the characters together in team pictures (‘Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice,’ ‘Suicide Squad,’ and ‘Dark Universe’), and who are we to say that is a mistake? DC has a lot of heroes to throw out there because they own the rights to everything, and while it may seem like they’re inundating us with characters, it might just be a smart play to show off their universe by introducing and using multiple characters at once. And with Del Toro behind ‘Dark Universe,’ even if its not as successful a movie as the ‘Avengers,’ you know the visuals will be spectacualar, and the film entertaining in its own right.

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Source: Screenrant