Even though we will not see ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming‘ in theaters until July of this year, that does not mean excitement is not running high with both fans and within Marvel itself for the release of the film, especially since it is the first time the character’s movie will take place within the MCU. With that in mind, I suspect there will be lots of unusual promotions for the next Spidey film in the months leading up to its release, starting with the latest one that Marvel just unveiled on Twitter highlighting all of the gadgets that Peter Parker has access to in his new Tony Stark designed Spider-Man suit. Of course, just because all of these accessories are pointed out does not necessarily mean that we will see Tom Holland use every one of them in the upcoming film, but it is still cool to know they are there, especially the ones that harken back to accessories that are similar to things Spider-Man has always had in the comics but has not had in the movies up to this point.

First off we have the web-shooters, not present in the original ‘Spider-Man’ films by Sam Raimi (but present in the Andrew Garfield films), which now not only include different web types, but also a laser targeting system, clearly to help explain the pinpoint accuracy that Spidey will have in the movies. Next up, we have the web-wings, which they have been showing off in the trailers, and had not yet been seen in live-action, though they were part of the costume in the original comics, though I do not recall them being used in quite this manner. The GPS tracking system I’m assuming is more so Tony Stark himself can keep tabs on Spider-Man and come to his aid if necessary, and I am guessing at some point Spidey will either lose or break that tracking system, making him the rogue hero he usually is in the comics. And lastly, the expressive eyes, which I hope do more than just convey the emotions behind the mask, even though this promo does not give any details like that. But at least the expressive eyes fit with what we’ve seen in the comics.

Check out the video in the Tweet below for yourself, and share your own thoughts on the ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’ costume in the comments below!

Source: THR