While DC’s upcoming ‘Suicide Squad‘ might be having Rick Flagg casting problems with Tom Hardy having left the role and Jake Gyllenhaal passing, the latest rumor has another huge star set to make a potential cameo. There are some potentially big spoilers below so I’d turn back now if you want to go into the film not knowing what to expect.

A previous rumor gave what is believe to be the current plot which puts Harley Quinn as one of the leads in the film becoming involved with the Suicide Squad because of The Joker. As well all know, where we find The Joker we tend to find Batman. The rumored plot has now expanded to include the Caped Crusader making an appearance beyond just showing up in a video recording, which was initially reported as how we would see any appearance of him in the film.

While Ben Affleck’s Batman could very well be included, it wouldn’t be as a starring role in the film. If anything, he would most likely show up at the tail end of the movie to setup a lead in to the stand alone Batman film which last we’ve heard wasn’t yet on the announced movie lineup though I’m sure that would be easy enough to add in.

Affleck’s character is set to be introduced in ‘Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice‘ and is most likely set to appear in the two ‘Justice League’ movies, but as DC’s biggest box office character it would seem foolish to not have his own stand alone film as soon as possible. A few unsubstantiated early rumors have the stand alone movie based off of Frank Miller’s ‘The Dark Knight Returns’ which actually has Batman facing off against an escaped Joker and if the Clown Prince of Crime escapes from prison in ‘Suicide Squad’ that could be a fitting way to lead into the story.

What do you think folks?  Would a quick Batman cameo be perfect for the ‘Suicide Squad’? Would you rather see him visiting The Joker in prison as he has done in the past so many times before or suddenly be on alert to protect Gotham from his greatest nemesis once again? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Forbes