Potential SPOILER ALERT for ‘Captain America: Civil War’!

Brace yourselves Marvel fans, the MCU may be about to take a dark turn during ‘Captain America: Civil War.’ According to new rumors being circulated by the ‘Hashtag Show,’ it seems a total of 4 death scenes were shot by the Russo Brothers while filming ‘Civil War,’ one involving Cap himself dying at the end of the film, and then three additional deaths were filmed in order to throw off leaks. The additional death scenes went to James “Rhodey” Rhodes (as we saw in the trailer),  then Sam Wilson/ Falcon, and finally to Wanda Maximoff/ The Scarlett Witch.

According to the rumor, the Rhodey death is definitely not real, but Rhodey will be severely injured, thus causing Iron Man to go ever harder against Captain America and his team of heroes. The Falcon seems the most unlikely to die, as he is clearly being groomed for bigger things, and is a likely contender for becoming the new Captain America should Steve Rogers actually die (which is what happens in the comics). Scarlett Witch dying is also seen as very likely, with her death being the incident that causes The Vision to leave Earth and head into space, laying some groundwork for the upcoming ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ movies. Of course, with Scarlett Witch being the character featured the least in the MCU so far, it would be cruel to kill her off so early, but after what happened to her brother at the end of ‘Age of Ultron,’ you never know.

Lastly, it does seem very likely that the Russos will be following in the footsteps of the source comic and killing Steve Rogers at the end of the film, but even that may not be the end of Chris Evan’s run in the MCU. With the Infinity Gauntlet story about to begin, any character has a chance of being resurrected from the dead, and it would be triumphant to see Captain America return in the second ‘Infinity War’ movie to lead the team to victory.

What are your thoughts on all these supposed deaths? Would you turn away from the MCU if they kill a major (and beloved) character like Captain America? Share your thoughts below!