“He had them

Brought before

The court, and a

Judgment was handed down.”

Things are truly picking up in the wide world of ‘Grimm.’ When we last left our Portlanders, Juliette was undergoing a bit of a Hexenbiest facial, Wu’s Wesen experiences were driving him towards a second trip to the looney bin and Monroe got Blutbod-napped by the Wesenrein, an organization with an ideology and banner quite similar to that of the Nazis. So where do we even begin?

“You want answers, here’s your chance.” Hank tells this to Wu as he and Nick release their friend and fellow officer from the drunk tank. After months of speculation and the sergeant feeling the weight of seeing things that could not be there, he finally learns the truth. They take him out to the trailer and give him the lowdown on everything. It’s quite a bit to take in but he’s game, promising “I’m not going anywhere.”

Wu has been initiated into the wonderful world of Wesen and Grimm

True to his word, Wu follows the Wesen veterans to Monrosalee’s after Nick finds out his best bud has been wesen-napped by the hate-filled and pure Wesenrein. Understanding the play for keeps way of the Wesenrein, Nick has Rosalee dropped off at his house where Juliette’s going through a crisis of her own. She can’t say no to a friend and quite literally sweeps up the pieces of her own personal meltdown.

Back at the station, the detectives question Officer Acker, the one in charge of watching the Monrosalee house during the kidnapping. He doesn’t have anything to help on the investigation but Nick isn’t deterred. He and Hank take things to Renard, sharing their suspicions of the Wesenrein and getting his permission to start rounding up suspects, starting with Shaw. They bring him in and Nick starts to go HAM, surprising the Wesen with the return of his Grimm powers. Though they aren’t successful pulling anything out of him, they put the newly initiated Wu, tasking him to keep an eye on Shaw. But someone’s one step ahead of them. Shaw gets word on the police stakeout and slips out the back and having a surprise visit in the Wesenrein’s Grandmaster. Not trusting Shaw one bit, the Grandmaster cuts ties with Shaw, ensuring he doesn’t rat out the Wesenrein.

So what are those hate-filled howlers doing with Monroe? They have him holed up in some undisclosed location until he’s to be sent towards the Tribunal to await judgment for his congress with a Fuschbau. There he meets another unwilling participant, a broken man by the name of Terry, whose been at the mercies of the Wesenrein for some time. They don’t get much time to talk before Terry is ushered away but not before dropping his wedding ring into Monroe’s hands, begging him to “give this to my wife.” We quickly find out Terry’s fate when, after Monroe temporarily escapes (in one of the least graceful sprints you will ever see) he comes across Terry’s burned and impaled corpse in the woods. Once he’s recaptured, he meets the Grandmaster and is eventually taken to the woods to await his sentencing.

In the middle of all the action, Nick and Hank eventually discover Shaw’s murder and, upon searching his home they find a picture with several known Wesenrein members…and

The Wesenrein, the Grimm’s version of the Nazi party

Officer Acker. It makes sense that he’s the mole and, after digging into his phone records, they discover his conversations withWalker Williams, an inmate who just so happened to be cellmates with Charlie Rieken, the Wesenrein’s Grandmaster. He was the fence between Rieken and Acker, a surefire way to prevent the cops from making a connection. With Walter’s help, they search Rieken’s home and find a phone. It’s their only clue to finding the Wesenrein before Monroe becomes another victim.

Judgment and Circumstance

  • Though there’s nothing original about the Wesenrein, their existence in the ‘Grimm’ world is proof that misguided hate is a part of all sentient creatures. There is no parley with such hatred and oppression and this is where Nick must make a choice about being a cop or embracing his inner Grimm. It’s a painful reminder, one that mirrors our own reality, that the law can only go so far to ensure monsters are kept off the streets.
  • If you didn’t know already, there’s some seriously bad things going on with Juliette. At first it seemed like her Hexenbiest transformation was nothing more than mental invasions but the exploding glass hints at the physical transformation being more of an immediate and lasting threat.
  • And as threats go, looks like Adalind Schade and Viktor are on their way back to Portland, ready to take it to Nick and his Grimm-backing troops.