In the pages of ‘Spider-Verse,’ we’ve been seeing a ton of different Spider-Mans from all over the multiverse. From the classic 616 Peter Parker version and Ultimate Spider-Man Miles Morales to new fan favorites like Spider-Gwen and Gerard Way’s SP//dr, Dan Slott’s epic event has just about every version of the character that anyone could imagine. This week, True Believers are introduced to yet another spider totem as Punk Rock Spider-Man enters the anarchy in the Marvel Universe.

Making his first appearance in this week’s ‘Spider-Verse’ #2 courtesy of writer Jed MacKay and artist Sheldon Vella, Punk Rock Spider-Man will also be swinging into the ‘Spider-Man Unlimited’ mobile game. In an interview with MTV, Mackay described his excitement for the character:

“Punk rock and hardcore has been my thing since I was a kid, so I was really excited to make a Spider-Man comic that was totally informed by that ethos of anti-authoritarianism, revolt and heart. And yeah, we got excited to have Spider-Man fight the president and the cops.

It’s a comic about a punk, not a punk comic. And that’s a fine distinction, to be sure, but an important one. However, this is a story that punk kids, historically the mohawked hoodlums that got their teeth kicked in by heroes in the comics in the 80s, can actually see themselves as the hero of, and maybe it’ll get them scrabbling their own punk zine-comics together.”

The site also debuts our first look at the Anarchic Spider-Man in the game, which also introduced us to Jessica Drew’s upcoming costume change recently. Take a look at the hero in the video below as he barges out of the mosh pit and onto the streets of New York City:

What do you think about the latest addition to ‘Spider-Verse’? Are you a fan of Punk Rock Spider-Man? Do you think that he should team up with Spider-Gwen to start an all-star Spidey band providing that he survives the battle against the Inheritors? And are there any obvious punk rock references that I failed to make? Sound off in the comments.