Zoe returns to Eureka…as John McCLane? Yes, that is probably the best way to describe it. But we’ll get to that later.

Beverly’s dastardly plan springs into action when she fully takes over Allison’s body. Wasting no time, she has Fargo transfer control of GD over to her so he can concentrate on training for Astraeus. Carter, already suspicious of what has been happening with Allison, realizes something is truly wrong when Beverly/Allison makes the fatal mistake of kissing him. Bringing in Henry and Zane, they quickly discover the neural implants from Allison’s last brain scan. Carter arrests her, but Beverly is far too clever to fall for something like that. She retaliates by rendering the entire town unconscious. Beverly, being the supervillain that she is, is going for the throat. Her plan is to steal all the information from GD’s data core, essentially stealing all of their secrets. She is saying that it’s an attempt to “level the playing field,” but the real danger is whose hands could end up holding what she steals.

While Beverly begins her epic heist, Jo is picking up Zoe from the airport as she returns to Eureka for her break from Harvard. She volunteered for the job so that she can have the inevitable and awkward conversation with Zoe about the developments between her and Zane. But when they return to a completely unconscious Eureka, their differences are set aside when they become the only two people who can stop Beverly. Jo, despite her training, is quickly taken out by Beverly’s goons. And so we have Zoe as the only one in Eureka who can stop Beverly as she tries to break into the vaults of GD, hence the John McClane reference. While the ‘Die Hard’ situation doesn’t last very long – Zoe does get Jo back – it’s still great. Zoe becomes an action hero on a level she’s never been before, and it’s a very unexpected and welcome change.

In the end, Allison comes back and the town is revived. But Beverly does make off with at least some info on GD’s secret projects. What she took, and what it could mean is anybody’s guess. With Astraeus ramping up, a security breach like this could spell certain doom for both GD and Eureka.

In case you haven’t heard, we reported last night that Eureka was officially cancelled. What will come in the weeks ahead? Who knows? But I can’t wait to find out.

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