I caught the opening scene last week on the SyFy Channels web site, and may I say, it was an electrifying intro. Sorry about that, I know it’s a painfully obvious and just plain bad joke – I simply could not let it go.

Obviously the Mayor of ‘Haven’ is one of those “troubled” folks the town is so abundant with; during the game a good call is refuted by the Mayor. In a surprising turn of events, the crowd, opposing team included – side with the Mayor! So all in all, this is not the most annoying of troubles to have.

What is annoying, as it turns out, is being bombarded by a huge electrical surge. It seems the troubles are quibbling over whose up to bat, because this is no common occurrence either. Dwight, an overtly tall shaggy bloke (played by wrestling star, “The Edge” apparently) tells Nathan and Audrey that he was a “cleaner” for Nathan’s father when he was alive. I am, you might say, the antithesis of ‘fan’ when it comes to professional wrestling, so I was happy to find that this guy was actually charismatic and clever. I find myself actually enjoying him as a character on the show.

In a press conference, the Mayor is mysteriously struck down by an electrical charge from the microphone. When the crowd begins displaying disturbingly devoted doting over Chris, played by Jason Priestly, now the Mayors Son, it becomes apparent that the trouble has been passed on.

Foul play is suspected in the form of a typical “crime of passion” and is well founded, as the Mayor’s magnetic personality would make even the strongest of men weak willed.

Audrey, happily enough is immune to the silliness as usual, which makes for some hilarious scenes.

The Mayors little fling is, as it turns out, the source of all the electrical problems. Audrey uses Chris and his new found magnetism to distract Laurie long enough for Nathan to “ground her” in order to keep her from blowing up the church where the Mayor’s wife has brought her to.

Duke is using the map his ex wife stole from doppelganger Audrey’s car to find answers to his little mystery. As he is reading the map on his way to the “X” that marks the spot, he falls into a hole, which is very entertaining. Evi is there, apparently with a copy of the map. Duke uncovers a plank of wood, leading them to talk to the town historians, Vince and Dave at the newspaper.

In a surprising turn of events, both Duke and Evi are successful at getting the needed information on Rasmussen house. Evi breaks into “The Foggy Grog,” apparently the new name for Rasmussen House, where she finds Duke already there. They replace the plank of wood, a part of the floor in the basement, and discover that it completes an image of an arrow pointing at a nearby wall. After busting through, Duke finds an ornate silver antique box – an empty box at that. The mystery, it seems, will remain… for now.

If you missed last week’s episode you can read the Haven: Love Machine recap to catch up.