Potential spoilers ahead, but only potential, as this story comes from a Reddit poster who claimed to be one of the editors on 20th Century Fox’s new ‘The Fantastic Four’ movie coming out later this year, and since all of the posts he made with the ‘bombshells’ were shortly afterward deleted, so take all of this with a grain of salt.

So here’s what the editor dropped: He confirmed that the Doctor Doom of the movie, named ‘Victor Domashev’ will be a blogger working at the Baxter Institution, which is what the Baxter Building will be called in the film. He said the costume is very much like what was leaked a while back, and said the film had hints that Domashev was making plans to return to his homeland of Latveria to use his powers for ”good” and help his homeland.

He also spoke of the importance of the Negative Zone in the movie, saying that it would have over 30 minutes of screen time, and would greatly inform the first half of the second act, tying into rumors already out there that the Negative Zone is where the team members would be having the accident that granted them their powers.

Lastly, he talked about the Thing, and how the design leaked online is “more or less the same” as the final product, and that no one should worry about how he looks, as it is pretty well done. And he also talked about changes to the source story, particularly in terms of “the original love story between two of the characters,” which might mean the movie is using the Ultimate Fantastic Four comics as its source, wherein Susan Storm falls in love with Ben Grimm and not Mr. Fantastic.

Nothing too groundbreaking here in terms of spoilers, but if true, it’s nice to know that the people working on the film are excited by what they are seeing, and don’t think it’s going to be as miserable a failure as the original 20th Century Fox ‘Fantastic Four’ movies. Here’s hoping the film can hold its own when released later this year!

Source: Cinemablend