Fans are on the fence with Netflix’s ‘Mute‘ as Duncan Jones latest film has either been loved or hated by those who have viewed it. From being hailed as a masterpiece to something that isn’t watchable, reviews are truly all across the board. What you may have missed if you weren’t paying attention though is that it is directly surprisingly tied into another movie.

Jones made a callback to another movie which you may have seen but I’ll, of course, get to that in a moment so anyone who doesn’t want the film spoiled for them can turn back now.

Still with me? Great! In that case, you were probably as surprised as I was while watching the movie to see that it takes place in the same world as the director’s 2009 directorial debut ‘Moon’! There is a direct sequence in the film that brings Sam Rockwell back to reprise his character though we won’t go into detail as to precisely what happens in it, just that you should pay attention to the news coverage on television.

According to Jones:

“It was really good fun. Sam was wondering, ‘How does this fit into the film?’ I was like, ‘Look, it’s a little Easter egg for those people who cared about what happened at the end of Moon, and it fits into this universe’ — because the idea is that that story of [Moon] is ongoing in the background of this story. If we do ever a chance to do a third movie, maybe we can tie all of these things together a little bit more.”

It really is a subtle inclusion but one that shows a fun way to tie these movies together and, if things work out, bring a few of the plots from these two films together. Not that Jones wants to make a direct sequel to ‘Mute’ to make this happen.

I’ll be honest; I’m more interested in what they could do with a sequel to ‘Moon’ and keep it interesting though it could not be in the same style as the first film.

Did you enjoy the connection between ‘Moon’ and ‘Mute’? Did Duncan Jones make a great film in this outing that could tease a future shared universe or did this one fail to keep you entertained? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Entertainment Weekly