Though we still have a way to go until we return to Westeros for another season of ‘Game of Thrones’, a few details about the acclaimed HBO fantasy drama have been slowly seeping out. Here and there we’d see some leaked photos or hear rumors about what won’t be included from George R.R. Martin’s novels, but now we have some concrete casting news that says a lot about what we can expect in the next chapter of the story.

With so many characters and major events happening in the present, the show never saw fit to include flashbacks in the make up of the storylines. However, that dynamic will soon change for season five because Nell Williams has been cast as a young Cersei Lannister. Of course, there’s a possibility that magic reverted Lena Headey’s character back to her childhood self, but scenes set in the past seem to be the more logical scenario.

Watchers On The Wall first reported the news that Williams landed the role. The relatively unknown actress has very few credits under her belt, but she did star in the British sitcom ‘The Revolting World of Stanley Brown’ alongside ‘Game of Thrones’ alumni Dean-Charles Chapman, who appeared on the show as Cersei’s youngest child Tommen Baratheon during season four.

The site is also sure not to spoil anything for the fans that haven’t gotten around to reading the books just yet and just mentions that the flashbacks involving Williams’ Cersei will likely involve her and her friends interacting with an older lady named Maggy the Frog. Chances are that we’ll be seeing her cross paths with Charles Dance’s Tywin Lannister as he has previously been confirmed to return for the fifth season despite being killed off in cold blood.

What do you think about ‘Game of Thrones’ adding flashbacks to their already complex story? Do you think that they made the right choice by casting Nell Williams as a young Cersei Lannister? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

‘Game of Thrones’ returns for a fifth season on Sunday, April 12 on HBO.