Disney’s ‘Big Hero 6‘ was the big hit of the fall and marked the first time the animation studio dipped into the Marvel pool.  But there were definitely some Disney homages mixed into the film, namely elements from “Frozen” the highest grossing animated movie of all time.

‘Big Hero Six’ is due out on DVD/BluRay on February 24th, just in time for Valentines day… wait what?  Er, super nerdy Valentines Day.  And included are some of the Easter Eggs that the animators slipped in, including three references to ‘Frozen’.

First is a statue of that douchebag Hans that gets smashed.  Good riddance there.  Then a warm-hugging Olaf that pops up in a cameo and finally a ship from Arendelle appears in San Fransokyo harbor.  (Also, keep in mind that Rapunzel appeared in ‘Frozen’ and there is talk that Elsa and Anna’s parents sunken ship is the same one from ‘The Little Mermaid.’)

You can watch the extra clip below that will be included in the home video version of the film:

Oh there’s more.  Apparently, animators slipped in references to ‘Tangled’, ‘Bolt’ and even a Stan Lee cameo, since it’s the tradition to insert the Father of Marvel Comics into most of the movies based on Marvel properties and in true Marvel tradition, make sure you watch until the very end for those post-credit scenes!

Have you seen ‘Big Hero 6’? What Easter eggs did you see? Share them in the comments below!

Source: Cinema Blend