For fans of science fiction themed horror, I hate to get your hopes up and than crush them but it looks as if Neill Blomkamp (‘Chappie‘,’Elysium‘) had an idea to continue the ‘Alien‘ franchise starring Sigourney Weaver! Sadly, his idea isn’t one that has been officially pitched to 20th Century Fox but he did share it with his Twitter followers.

The famed director of ‘District 9‘ has clearly been working non-stop in the world of science fiction since the success of his first mainstream movie, though his first follow up didn’t quite live up to the critical acclaim and while ‘Chappie’ looks pretty fun, the marketing on it has been lackluster to say the least.

Could a continuation to the ‘Alien’ franchise be what he needs to get his name back in the spotlight? Well, if you look at the concept art that he shared it looks like at the very least it would get the masses to favorably see one of his films again. While the movie hasn’t officially been shared with the studio, it sounds like he did make this with the star of his upcoming film ‘Chappie’ in mind as Sigourney Weaver who stars in it is front and center in this artwork. Oh, and the artwork looks spectacular!

First up we have a shot of Weaver in a new space suit that looks quite Alien inspired.

Oh shit

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Now this is clearly a suit that only the Weyland Corporation would come up with and if they are going to be back, Blomkamp gave us a view of what one of their facilities would look like in his film which honestly looks quite amazing!

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How will Ripley be getting through space though? Could the Weyland Corporation have found or re-created another ship, say one that was previously seen in ‘Prometheus‘? Could this be how they further tie the shared universe together?


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Could this mean a whole slew of other ‘Prometheus’ crossovers in Blomkamp’s mind?

Of course what would a real ‘Alien’ movie be without Space Marines? Specifically say the return of Hicks to the big screen as we’ve already seen him return in the game ‘Alien: Colonial Marines’?

Awesome Art by Geoffroy Thoorens #hicks

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I mean who wouldn’t want to see Hicks and Ripley back together again?

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Really though if we’re going to see Blomkamp do this we want it to be all about the Xenomorphs, right?

And finally, my home desk #xenomorph

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And Doug Williams – maybe I’ll go back to it ….love the world Une photo publiée par Brownsnout (@neillblomkamp) le

Was working on this. Don’t think I am anymore. Love it though. #alien #xenomorph

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So while this all does look good, he did say that 20th Century Fox “didn’t really even know I was working on it” which means this isn’t a project that is at any stage at the studio and more of a hobby for the director. Clearly he has a vision of where the franchise could go and if Fox doesn’t have anything planned aside from ‘Prometheus 2,’ it is a vision they may just want to listen to.

What are your thoughts on the ‘Alien’ concept art here? Do you think he’s got some potentially great ideas for a film here? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Cinema Blend