It is well known that Anna Paquin filmed a sequence for ‘Days of Future Past’, reprising her role as Rogue in the ‘X-Men’ film franchise, but that the scene was cut because it didn’t tie in well enough with the rest of the movie.  Fans may have been upset that her scene wasn’t included in the ‘Days’ BluRay, but it seems Fox has bigger plans for this deleted footage.

Earlier, Fox announced that they would be releasing a ‘Rogue Cut’ of the movie.  It’s quite common for any big budget sci-fi movie to eventually get a longer “director’s cut” release, much to fans’ chagrin as they end up buying the same exact movie that they already bought when it was first released, but it appears that the ‘Rogue Cut’ of ‘X-Men: Days of Future Past’ will actually stand on its own.

James Finn, the vice president of marketing relations for Fox tweeted: “Distinct film. Distinct extras. Complimentary to DOFP Blu-ray but not repetitive.”

Finn seemingly nixed the idea that the actual, theatrical ‘DoFP’ film would be on this disc.  So what IS this?

Did they secretly film an entirely different movie starring Paquin as Rogue to compliment the main film?  The actress/character popped up at the end of the original film, as Wolverine found himself in a restored timeline, where not only did Rogue still have her powers (which she gave up in the reviled ‘X3’) but where Professor X, Cyclops and Jean Grey were all still alive.  And it’s common knowledge that a sequence was filmed for ‘DoFP’ in which Magneto and Ice Man, in the future, went to free Rogue from captivity.  Is there more to the story?

I guess so!  But we’ll have to wait and see when this version is released.  But 10 entire minutes of footage will be released featuring Magneto and Ice Man freeing Rogue from captivity so that she can absorb Kitty Pryde’s ability to send people, specifically Wolverine, back into time.  (Something that is never even remotely explained in the movie, just sayin’).

In the original movie, Wolverine, unconsciously lashes out, but Kitty recovers.  In the alternate version, it seems that she doesn’t and Rogue has to step in.
Will you be shelling out for a new version of ‘X-Men: Days of Future Past’?
Source: CinemaBlend