The first ‘Star Wars’ spin-off has a code name for its production and the title is now known as “Luminac Industrial Goods.” Yay, we now have what they’ll be calling the film behind the scenes which won’t be the title that anyone else cares about. If that was the only detail I had for you today I probably wouldn’t actually be writing the post. However, with the name coming from one of the sources of early ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens‘ set photos, it not only seems legit but they had additional details that were shared which might just perk your interest.

For starters, the source stated one very important nugget in that “the filming will eventually overlap with some of Star Wars: Episode VIII.”

So somehow it is going to overlap into the film. While you may assume that it means this could be about one of the new characters, the source actually gets a lot more specific on who the movie is about and it is actually supports one of the early rumors by saying that the film will revolve around none other than Han Solo.

Yes, you read that right! We may be getting a stand alone film about Han Solo! The question from that point though is would this be a young Han Solo movie or one about a recent adventure that helps establish where he is when ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ launches.

If a certain rumor is true about what happens to Solo in the movie, this might be a huge bone being thrown to fans of Harrison Ford. Hopefully he won’t suffer another injury on set if it will be a prequel to the film starring everyone’s favorite genre actor.

Also known is that Aaron Paul is somehow looking to be attached to this first spin-off film somehow though it wasn’t clear exactly what role that could be in.

Would you be happy to see a Han Solo themed film? Would you rather it be based on a younger or older iteration of the character?

Source: Making Star Wars