Tonight’s episode picks up right where last week’s ended.  Join me, won’t you?  [May contain spoilers!]

The Jedi and R2D2 travel to Zygerria to find the enslaved citizens of Kiros.  The plan is that Ahsoka will pretend to be Anakin’s slave as he cozies up to the Queen to buy Obi-Wan time to find the prisoners.  The Queen is quickly enamored with the charming and flirty Anakin.  Ahsoka looks increasingly uncomfortable posing as a slave, often acting out against any of the guards near her.

Obi-Wan finds the Kiros Governor among the slaves being held.  He and Rex attempt to rescue the Governor, but the guards are able to re-capture them.  Anakin watches as one of the Queen’s slaves jumps to her death rather than go through further “processing.”  He offers Ahsoka to the Queen as a gift, and she invites him to the slave auction.

Obi Wan is recognized as a Jedi.  He and the Governor are both forced into the slave auction arena.  The Queen tells Anakin to whip the Jedi or face certain death. Instead Anakin turns against the guards.  In a cool move, R2D2 pops out their light sabers like tiny cannons, and Ahsoka faces off with the Queen.  The Queen electrocutes Ahsoka with the push of a button.  The Governor and Obi-Wan are next to fall, and although Anakin fights with all he’s got, he is eventually shocked until he passes out.  He wakes up alone in the Queen’s chamber.  Apparently he has been too charming, because now she wants him to be her slave and body guard.

Next, we see Ahsoka suspended in an outdoor cage.  When she uses the force to knock her guard off his perch, we find out that the cage is electrified, and she is electrocuted again and again.  Obi-Wan, the Governor, and Rex are delivered to the same place that the rest of the Kiros citizens are.  Upon Obi-Wan’s arrival, several of the citizens are trap-door-dropped into oblivion as a warning that if Obi-Wan doesn’t behave, others will be punished.

The Queen has surmised that Anakin was also once a slave.  She promises him a world of power if he joins her, as well as the release of his friends.  She leaves him alone to think over the decision.

It’s interesting that the Queen is using Anakin’s loyalty to his friends to lure him to the dark side.  She considers his commitment to the Jedi way to be just another kind of slavery, and it certainly seems that this has struck a chord in Anakin.  Is he brash enough to rebel against the very suggestion that he’s being controlled?  To an outsider like  the audience, this is an obvious ploy, but Anakin’s past struggles might make this a hot button he can’t use logic to avoid.  Obi-Wan is looking incredibly weak and haggard, and it doesn’t look like Ahsoka can last much longer in her outdoor cage with her trigger-happy guards.  Anakin might give in to his anger and fear and listen to the Queen, or maybe he’ll stay loyal to his friends and agree to the Queen’s terms in exchange for their freedom.  The end result is the same.  I’m keeping my fingers crossed that by next week he can come up with another plan.

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