Capcom announced via a blog post that they have partnered with Man of Action Entertainment and Dentsu Entertainment USA to create a new 26-episode animated series of their popular franchise ‘Mega Man.’

In this partnership, Dentsu Entertainment, Inc. will own the “broadcast and licensing rights for all aspects of the new “Mega Man” TV series”, while Man of Action Entertainment (who in the past has created ‘Ben 10’ and ‘Generator Rex’, and worked on ‘Ultimate Spider-Man’, ‘Marvel’s Avengers Assemble’, and even ‘Big Hero 6‘), will create, write, and executive produce the show.

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“We are very excited about the opportunity to introduce an all-new ‘Mega Man’ to loyal fans and kids,” said Dentsu president and CEO Yuichi Kinoshita. “Having a celebrated character from Japan reimagined by Man of Action is the ideal project for Dentsu Entertainment USA.”

Duncan Rouleau of Man of Action said: “The 1990s ‘Mega Man’ TV series was cool and different than other series targeted at kids during that time. It featured great action, but also brought the laughs. Mega Man is a character that is even more relevant for today’s kids and we are really looking forward to creating something new that still respects the long tradition of the character.”

The new ‘Mega Man’ TV show is set to air in 2017 to coincide with the franchise’s 30th anniversary. The first ‘Mega Man’ game was released back in 1987 and the series has since appeared in 131 titles, totaling over 30 million copies sold. This will be the second time a ‘Mega Man’ TV show has been produced: the first aired for only two seasons from 1994-1995 but was pretty successful despite it’s short run.

This isn’t the only video game series branching out to the big and small screen recently – ‘Five Nights At Freddy’s’ has a movie under way, ‘Legend of Zelda’ might be getting a Netflix show, and Telltale has partnered with Lionsgate to develop what they call “Super Shows”, which essentially will be video game/TV show hybrids.