In anticipation of the upcoming January premiere, the creators of ‘Gotham‘ have released 4 clips from the upcoming January 5th episode titled, ‘Rogues Gallery.’ With a title like that, combined with the fact that Jim Gordan was demoted and relegated to prison guard at the infamous Arkham Asylum (where lived most of Batman’s Rogues Gallery in the comics), fans should have all kinds of excitement for the possibilities of this episode and the Arkham Asylum storyline. Also intriguing is the introduction of the character named Dr. Leslie Thompkins (played by Morena Baccarin), who is a future Batman ally/ doctor and who will be meeting Jim Gordan in the premiere episode, presumably as she is working at Arkham Asylum. And of course, while all this is going on Oswald Cobblepot (Penguin) will be continuing to build his power base and plot his dark schemes for the future of Gotham’s criminal organizations.

In the first clip below, Harvey Bullock comes a calling at the Asylum per Gordan’s request, and confronts Gordan’s new boss, a man who seems to have a short temper, very little patience, and potentially a hand in the dark attack that has occurred at the correctional facility:

In the second clip, the Penguin finds himself locked up in the Gotham Police Department Jail, and is begging for help from his associate Harvey Bullock. Unfortunately for Cobblepot, Bullock has no sympathy, and if anything seems comforted by having the maniacal crook within his site and behind bars.

In the 3rd clip, Boss Maroni visits Cobblepot in jail, and explains to his henchman why he is in such a predicament. The clip also shows how Maroni is attempting to keep control of Cobblepot, even while the Penguin is exerting his own control in Maroni’s organization.

In the 4th and final clip, Selina Kyle finds a downtrodden Ivy in a Gotham back-alley, and takes her to the abandoned Gordan apartment to wait out the rain.

Hopefully these clips will be enough to keep fans satisfied until the show returns on January 5th!

Source: BleedingCool, OntheFlix