We’ve seen a lot of characters come and go on ‘The Walking Dead‘ and now it looks as if we may be seeing the return of the character Morales who Juan G. Pareja (‘The Mist’,’Machete’) portrayed in the first season of the series. While you could easily assume that it would be for the fifth season of the current AMC iteration of the show, it sounds as if he could be returning in the spinoff prequel ‘Cobalt.’ That’s right, we may see Pareja return prior to the events of ‘The Walking Dead.’ When his story was left off in the first season, Morales had been in the series with his family for four episodes and since we had never seen them die, it is quite possible they could pop back up again.

This could potentially lead into how the two shows actually intersect.

I honestly wasn’t expecting for him, and potentially his family, to show up in Los Angeles during the events of the prequel. It is quite a hike to get to Alabama from California so I would assume if he does show up that it won’t be for an expanded period of time as he would have to get on the road before things go completely to Hell.

Maybe we’ll just see him briefly before he says that he needs to get to his family and make sure they are safe.

If he and his family are included in the spinoff series, it could lead to how the characters on each show end up having a crossover a few years down the line. While I doubt we’ll end up seeing that happen any time soon, it could easily be the thread that ties the shows together in a more direct way.

However, this could just be a mess up on someone’s side as producers have previously stated that the series would not share any characters. Misdirection? A later change in plans? We won’t know much until the first season of the spinoff finally premieres.

Source: Cinema Blend