For starters, if you weren’t one of the many movie-going patrons that made ‘Thor: The Dark World’ the ninth biggest November debut ever this past weekend, then proceed with caution because this article contains SPOILERS for the God of Thunder’s latest feature film.

However, if you did catch the Asgardian Avenger’s new movie, then you saw the surprise in the post-credits scene that featured an appearance from Benicio Del Toro’s ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ character, The Collector, and the revelation that the Tesseract and the Aether are actually two of the Infinity Gems, mystical items that are most famously wielded by Thanos and his Infinity Gauntlet.

Recently, Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige sat down with Crave Online to discuss what is probably the biggest post-credits reveal since ‘The Avengers’. In this excerpt from the interview, the executive reveals even more information about which item corresponds with which stone and speaks briefly about where the Infinity Gems should pop up next:

CO: Are you saying that the Tesseract is one of the Infinity Gems, and has been all along?

KF: Yes.

CO: Which one would it be? Would it be the Space Gem or the Power Gem, or is it not that codified in the cinematic universe?

KF: It is. I don’t know when we’ll actually divulge that necessarily, but it’s the space stone.

CO: Is the Aether, crystallized, also one of the gems?

KF: Yes.

CO: Is that going to be the focus of ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’, or is going to continue throughout Phase 3? How long is this story arc going to go?

KF: Well the answer to the first question is both. It is both. And then, you know? Who knows? If they allow us to keep making movies, it will go a little bit further.

In addition to the Infinity Gems, Feige also talked about the future of recently returned hero Daredevil. Previously, Marvel and Netflix announced a huge collaboration between the two that would bring Luke Cage, Jessica Jones, Iron Fist, and the Man Without Fear to the streaming service with four original shows and a mini-series for ‘The Defenders’. This interview took place before that news was released, so Feige was vague in details, but he did manage to reveal a tiny bit of information about what Matt Murdock’s show could entail:

CO: I know the feature film slate is set for the next couple of years, but in the TV series that were just announced, do you think that’s a chance to showcase heroes of different genders and ethnicities?

KF: Yeah, well, I don’t think anything was actually announced. I think anything beyond “Agents of SHIELD” is a rumor right now. But, that being said, the success of “Agents of SHIELD” has inspired Jeph Loeb and his Marvel Television division to continue to look for Marvel characters that would make great series, of which there are some that could fit that build.

CO: I’ve been saying for years that Daredevil would be better suited for a TV series than a feature film. It just seems like a superhero lawyer working on a case-by-case basis could work wonders. Has that occurred to you as a possibility?

KF: The future of that particular character is being discussed right now, and could be anything. You know, you look at the procedural, is that what they call it? “The Procedural,” on television? That could fit the bill.

Finally, the House of Ideas head shed some light on ‘Ant-Man’ and ‘The Runaways’, two long-gestating projects that are on two very different ends of the production spectrum at the moment. Before reiterating that Irredeemable Ant-Man Eric O’ Grady won’t be showing up in Edgar Wright’s next film, Feige discusses the changes (or in some cases, lack of) that need to be made in order for these pre-MCU films to fit into this world that Marvel has created on the silver screen:

 CO: Is there any character in particular that you’d really love to make a movie about that’s just not big enough to seriously consider right now? Would you really like to make a Stilt-Man movie?

KF: [Laughs] Well, we had a great Runaways script and a great Runaways story, which is why we ended up hiring Drew Pearce to do Iron Man 3, but we have so much else on the docket that there’s not a slot of time for that right now.

CO: Is it difficult when you develop a project like that and then the universe goes off in a new direction? If you wanted to do Runaways now would you have to completely rework that script to fit in with what’s going on in the movies now?

KF: No, and Ant-Man’s the best example of that, because Ant-Man… you know Edgar [Wright] had the first pitch and the first drafts for that movie long before the MCU even existed. While there is some rewriting that is necessary to bring it into and acknowledge the universe that he inhabits, it’s the exact same story that he initially pitched.

After hearing that, I hope that Marvel keeps that Runaways script in the back of their minds and decide to include it somewhere down the line. I know that there’s a hug audience who’d love to see Chase, Nico, Gert, Molly, and the gang mingle with Iron Man and Captain America at their local cinema one day.

What do you think about everything Kevin Feige had to say in this interview? Do you have any theories about what the other Infinity Gems are? Are you interested in seeing a Daredevil procedural show? Do you think ‘The Runaways’ will ever get made? Let’s hear your thoughts in the comments below.