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During the hiatus of both ‘The Flash‘ and the ‘Arrow,’ it is good to know the creative teams behind the CW DC Universe is still working hard to keep the shows going and excite the fans eagerly anticipating the return of the heroes. In the latest news from the ‘The Flash,’ ‘Mad Men’ alum Peyton List has been cast as Lisa Snart, who eventually becomes the super-villain the “Golden Glider” in the comics.

For anyone who recognized the last name of Lisa Snart, she is indeed the sister of a villain who already appeared on ‘The Flash,’ Leonard Snart (aka Captain Cold,) who is so far the only non-metahuman to take on the Flash, and also the only villain not to be apprehended by the Scarlet Speedster so far on the series. (technically speaking, he’s also one of the only villains that has come realistically close to killing Barry Allen on the show, using the cold gun that Cisco had designed to take down the Flash should he go rogue).

But who is the Golden Glider? As is true of many comic characters, her story often changes, but nowadays she is a villain with ice-skating skills who uses jewel themed weaponry and most recently gained the power of astral projection. Historically she has sought revenge on the Flash for bringing about the death of a villain named ‘The Top’ who was her lover, not to mention her association with her brother, Captain Cold, and the family motivation to bring down Barry Allen.

On the show, she will debut in episode 16, titled ‘Rogue Time.’ She will be trying to join her brother’s gang and prove to her brother she is worthy of the spot. Unlike Leonard Snark though, who we have seen on the show to be cold and calculating, Lisa is a bit more impulsive, and she is willing to use everything she has to get what she wants, including her feminine wiles. Eventually this will lead to her crossing paths with Cisco, putting everyone’s favorite scientist/ comic-relief into potential danger.

I’m looking forward to seeing the dynamic between Lisa and Leonard Snark on the show and how they will portray her to be a genuine threat to the Flash. January just can’t get here soon enough!

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