Things are looking bad for Andrew Garfield and his future as Spider-Man. With the recent Sony hack we found out that if Marvel and Sony did work out a deal for Spider-Man to be included in Marvel’s Cinematic Universe, Garfield would no longer be the webhead.

On the Marvel deal side, this all sprouted from their dislike of the idea of an Aunt May solo film as well as the possibly of the Spider Women Team Up. If Spidey was to appear in a Marvel film, it would most likely bring an end to the ‘Sinister Six‘ in its current incarnation as Marvel would want a fresh Parker to first appear in ‘Captain America: Civil War‘ and beyond. With a Peter Parker origin story, coming terms with his powers, and early romances already being done to death, Marvel wants to have a Parker that is already dealing with living a duel life.

What if Spidey stays with just Sony though? Well the upcoming Spidey-Summit will decide what they do going forward, but either way it looks as if Garfield may be out. Some of his remarks this last year about the film were extremely critical on how the studio was at fault for box office reception and reviews. Not grounds for termination alone, it seems that the final straw may have been when Garfield, with less than an hour’s notice, didn’t show at a company function and stood up Sony’s corporate executive from Japan despite that fact that he was to be introduced specifically by CEO Kaz Hirai. This was seen as an insult to the company’s executives.

Pascal who had always previously been a supporter of Garfield appears to have changed opinions this last October when serious talks about a ‘Captain America 3’ cameo were brought up in the following statement:

I love introducing pp [Peter Parker] in cap but I know it comes with so many things since we won’t give them what they want what will we give them?

We can say it’s a cameo but I’ll bet it’s more and will involve some of his world and it will be peter and spidey right

Where did that lead? Well, last October it turned into a memo which doesn’t necessarily reflect the current state of affairs but clearly shows how much they were leaning towards it.

What are your thoughts on the future of Garfield as Spidey? Is he at the end of his web or will his spider senses kick in and give him one more go at the character?

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