During the end of the PlayStation Experience keynote presentation, developer Hello Games released new gameplay for the upcoming ‘No Man ‘s Sky’.

The new footage showcases more of the immense world in ‘No Man’s Sky’, demonstrating how players can simply get into a space ship and simply fly to a planet at their own freewill with absolutely no load times. The footage also shows off a little bit of the scope of the game’s massive open space world.

First announced during the VGX Awards 2013, ‘No Man’s Sky’ is a procedurally generated open space adventure game that has players taking on the role of a planetary explorer who can travel through space and explore the surface of numerous planets. Players are able to participate in a variety of activities, such as interacting with each planet’s flora and fauna, and even engaging in combat with hostile forces.

As stated, the game’s universe is completely procedurally generated, meaning that a vast chunk of ‘No Man’s Sky’s’ explorable areas, encountered lifeforms and spaceships are all created by the game as it is played as opposed to being prerendered and entirely set in stone. And the world that players will have to explore is immense. Thanks to a 64-bit seeding key, ‘No Man’s Sky’ will feature up to 18 quintillion possible planets for players to possibly chart.

The game will be playable online, with players being able to share information about the planets they have charted with other players, and even allow players to visit these planets through a large galactic map. However, Hello Games has confirmed that the title will also be playable offline as well.

‘No Man’s Sky’ is definitely becoming one of the most hotly anticipated titles coming out next year due to its vast scope and ambitious premise.

‘No Man’s Sky’ has no firm release date but is expected to release sometime in 2015 for PS4 and Windows PC.

Source: PlayStation Experience Keynote