Turtle Rock Studios has announced that the upcoming 4v1 cooperative/multiplayer hunting shooter ‘Evolve’ has “gone gold” and is all but completed in its development. 

To commemorate the completion of development on ‘Evolve,’ Turtle Rock Studios has released the game’s intro cinematic, which you can watch below. It’s definitely an entertaining watch seeing all the different classes working together in an action-packed cinematic hunting scenario.

Additionally on top of news of the game’s completion, Turtle Rock Studios also announced that they had a plan to donate $50 to a gaming-focused charity called Child’s Play for every inch of hair that was grown and not cut until ‘Evolve’ passed certification. In total, the studio ended up with 227.5 inches of hair, which equaled out to about $11,375 raised for the charity. 2K Games also matched the challenge with their contribution bringing the total to about $22, 750. All hair went on to be donated to Locks of Love, charity that specializes in providing hairpieces to children suffering from long-term medical hair loss.

‘Evolve’ was first officially announced via Game Informer cover reveal back in February 2014. The game itself is a 4v1 cooperative/multiplayer shooter that has four players taking on the role of class-based hunters and another single player taking on the role of a monster who evolves to become stronger  if allowed to eat other small creatures. In any given match, these two sides must fight against each in order to win.

‘Evolve’ is being developed by Turtle Rock Studios, who are primarily known for their co-development duties on the ‘Left 4 Dead’ series. It will be their first full-on AAA developed title since having worked on ‘Left 4 Dead 2,’ and also their first big project as an independent studio since having left Valve in 2009.

‘Evolve’ releases for PS4, Xbox One and Windows PC on February 10. 

Source: Evolve Website