Sony Pictures has recently been the victim of hacking attacks that have resulted in private email threads being leaked online. These leaks have exposed some pretty harsh words shared between executives, but also we’ve seen a lot of the inner workings of the company, including what could possibly in the pipeline from the studio. For instance, word got out that there has indeed been talks between Sony and Marvel Studios about Spider-Man appearing in ‘Captain America: Civil War.’ Now, another report of two worlds colliding has come out of the Sony hacks that might just work out.

According to The Wall Street Journal, Sony has plans to combine two of their most popular badass buddy franchises by bringing ‘Jump Street’ and ‘Men In Black‘ together. As a sequel to last year’s ’22 Jump Street’, the idea is to have the cops played by Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum come face to face with the dark suits and dark glasses of the secret organization that keeps the Earth safe from extraterrestrials. However, the MIB’s most famous agents played by Will Smith (who may be done with the series anyway) and Tommy Lee Jones (or Josh Brolin, depending on what time period it is) don’t appear to be involved in the project in prominent roles, although cameos haven’t been ruled out yet. ‘Jump Street’ directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller are lined up to produce and could possibly direct, but there’s no script in place at this time. Still, the emails indicate that this is one of the studio’s “highest profile projects.”

In addition to giving their audience something unexpected, they hope to reinvigorate the ‘Men In Black’ franchise as well since the last film lost money for the studio and didn’t excite many fans. An email to Steven Spielberg’s people from Sony Pictures president of worldwide business affairs and operations Andrew Gumpert about the filmmaker’s potential involvement in the film as a producer (since he produced the other MIB movies) said the following:

“We didn’t do as well as we had hoped for on the last MIB film, but that hasn’t caused us to lose faith in the franchise. In reality, the exact opposite has occurred where we all have an opportunity to take an interim step on the way to hopefully forging ahead again in the pure-play MIB universe.”

Though some might be quick to dismiss this idea, I feel like a cross between ‘Jump Street’ and ‘Men In Black’ could really work. Both contain comedy that somewhat spoofs their genres, so to show them onscreen together in one film could be a lot of fun. I mean, it was always fun when Scooby Doo teamed with the Harlem Globetrotters or Batman, right? This crossover could be as goofy and fun as that. But now that the studio is sure to get wind of feedback on this project from the fans on the internet, we’ll see if they even move forward with it.

What do you think of a crossover between ‘Men In Black’ and ‘Jump Street’? Do you think that it would work? Or does this sound like a flop waiting to happen? Let us know in the comments below.