With ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’ just 2 weeks away from its theatrical debut, Sony has started to bombard the web with numerous clips, TV spots  and featurettes in what seems to be on a daily basis. Today is no exception.

If you recall, Walmart is selling a special ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’ bundle which included DVD of a car jack scene, a behind the scenes footage segment, a promo for the video game and a reprint of the comic book which first heralded the appearance of The Lizard. While we’ve already posted the scene from the movie, we can still save you money as we now have the featurette for you to enjoy!

More than 7 minutes in length, the featurette focuses primarily on introducing Andrew Garfield and the new version of Peter Parker. There is a lot of new footage not previously seen with the added bonus of many of the cast and crew (Rhys Fans, Emma Stone, Sally Field, Martin Sheen, director Marc Webb and producer Avi Arad) adding their insights and take on the film.

The featurette is quite stunning and gives good reason why it should be seen in IMAX. If previous footages did not convey how gritty and realistically different this movie will be, the featurette does the job.

Not to be out-eclipsed, we also have a short featurette of Emma Stone who describes her role and how daunting playing the role of Gwen Stacy was.

And finally, to keep you up to date with all the new TV spots that are airing, we have found 4 new ones for you. There’s an international German spot and 3 domestic spots titled ‘Suspension,’ ‘Be Amazed’ and ‘Greatness.’

Whew! If you still haven’t seen enough ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’ footage yet, keep checking back here as I have a good feeling Sony is not done releasing more footage in anticipation of the movie’s release on July 3rd.

‘The Amazing Spider-Man’ – Walmart DVD Behind the Scenes:

‘The Amazing Spider-Man’ – Emma Stone Featurette:

‘The Amazing Spider-Man’ – German TV Spot:

‘The Amazing Spider-Man’ – Suspension TV Spot:

‘The Amazing Spider-Man-  Be Amazed TV Spot:

‘The Amazing Spider-Man’ – Greatness TV Spot:

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