Sony Santa Monica’s Cory Balrog accidentally leaked the existence of the next ‘God of War’ game during their panel at Sony’s PlayStation Experience event in Las Vegas.

While answering questions at their ‘God of War’ retrospective panel, the studio’s Creative Director Cory Balrog confirmed that development was underway.

When asked for further details, Balrog didn’t reveal much more. However, he did assert that the upcoming title would definitely not be a prequel like the most recently released ‘God of War: Ascension’.

From the tweet below on Sony Santa Monica’s account, Balrog’s reveal probably wasn’t supposed to occur.

According to a report by IGN, when they confronted Balrog after the panel, he also stated that the title was very much in early development, and that he hopes that he can share more in “the next year or two.” As far as if it would star series protagonist Kratos, Balrog declined to comment. From the looks of it, this new title could very well be the high-profile “reboot” that PlayStation Head of Internal Software Development Scott Rohde spoke of to IGN to explain Sony Santa Monica’s layoffs back in March.

‘God of War’ is an action-adventure game series that first saw life on the PS2 with its first entry launching back on March 22, 2005. It has since spawned various sequels and spin-offs that released on both the PS3 and PSP.

The series is loosely based on Greek mythology and stars a Spartan named Kratos, who after ten years of service to the Gods of Olympus, is tasked to find Pandora’s Box in order to defeat Ares after the Olympian God tricked him into killing his family. However, as the series goes on, it becomes more apparent that Kratos’ hunger for vengeance doe not just stop at Ares, but routes off into a plot that has him going against all of the Gods of Olympus and other mythological figures.

The newest ‘God of War’ does not have a confirmed release date but is expected to most likely release on Sony platforms.