Gamespot has compiled all of the Oculus Rift videos and trailers from their conference yesterday morning, and you can watch them all here!

At the conference, the final Oculus consumer model was introduced – now, instead of fully relying on head movements and a normal Xbox controller, they have added a new device called the Oculus Touch, under the prototype name ‘Half Moon’ for E3. Think of it like a more sophisticated Wii controller – along with familiar button controls, it can track your precise hand movements. They hope that when it’s released to the world, players can use the Oculus Touch to simulate intricate interactions with the game world, even allowing players use hand gestures like pointing, waving, or giving a thumbs up.

According to their blog post, Oculus Touch should be available in the first half of 2016 and for pre-orders around the same time as Oculus Rift.

The first two videos cover the new Oculus device itself and it’s features. The next four videos are trailers for some of Oculus’s upcoming games, spanning from cutesy animals, sci-fi and fantasy worlds, and even horror.

If you missed the Oculus livestream and are still interested in seeing the entire presentation, you can watch the whole thing over at Twitch.

“Oculus Touch Revealed!”

“What’s New With the Oculus Rift?”

“Lucky’s Tale Gameplay Trailer”

“EVE: Valkyrie Gameplay Demo” by CCP Games

“Chronos Trailer”, developed by Gunfire Games, a company made up by some of the previous staff of ‘Darksiders II’

“Edge of Nowhere Trailer”, a game by Insomniac Games