Nintendo has become well-known for releasing several different versions of their handheld devices, usually expanding upon and updating the previous model.

Now, the company is doing something a little different with their recently announced 2DS console. Featuring a complete redesign, the system looks more akin to an older Gameboy (though much wider, of course), abandoning the hinges for a permanently flat console. The 2DS has the ability to play the older DS titles as well as the entire library of 3DS games, though only in a 2D perspective.

With the new design, the device is being described as an entry-level handheld, one for both young children and those who may still be a bit intimidated by the 3DS. Over the past couple of years, there have been concerns about the 3D functionality and its effect on children, and it has long been recommended that children below the age of six not view 3D images for an extended length of time. The 2DS allows the younger audience to play 3DS games while easing the minds of concerned parents. It is also designed to be stronger and less-likely to be damaged due to the hinges being removed, which remains the number-one cause of broken consoles.

Some gamers are concerned about the lack of portability due to the solid, flat design, but Nintendo will be releasing an assortment of official carrying cases upon the system’s launch.

The console is currently set to be released alongside Pokemon X & Y on October 12 for only $129.99. Two colors, red and blue, will be available at launch. Check out the official trailer below.