Ever since the launch of Pottermore in 2011, we’ve learned new things about J.K. Rowling’s wizarding world of ‘Harry Potter’ that wouldn’t fit into the books or movies starring the Boy Who Lived. For example, the author has penned brand new material spotlighting singing group Celestina Warbeck and the Banshees, following Ginny Weasley’s post-Hogwarts career, and revealing the backstory of the treacherous Dolores Umbridge. But now the beloved writer will contribute even more new tales to Potter lore about certain witches and wizards as a gift to her fans for the holiday season. However, there won’t be as many as the media is making it sound.

Over the weekend, members were informed via email that the site would be releasing special surprise content daily from December 12th until December 23rd as part of #PottermoreChristmas to end the year with a Seamus Finnigan-esque bang. These new additions are set to include “brand new writing by J.K. Rowling and even a new potion or two”. As for what that new writing is set to include, the message teases “[Diagon Alley ice cream shop owner] Florean Fortescue’s ghost plot to J.K. Rowling’s thoughts on the sneaky Slytherin Draco Malfoy”. There was also mention of new Moments from ‘Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince’ as prizes for answering a daily rhyming riddle.

But when the news broke, a few sites such as Entertainment Weekly and Time made it sound like the author would be contributing twelve new short stories to the Potterverse every day until Christmas Eve. As Hypable points out, that’s not actually the case and these outlets have just posted some misleading headlines about Rowling’s holiday Potter treat. Having received the email myself, I can tell you that Pottermore doesn’t actually say that, so hopefully you you’re not disappointed when you only get a new potion or some shiny gold Galleons in the game. But even if we get one or two new shorts, that’s still awesome, right? I think so, especially since we’re getting something new about Harry’s bratty nemesis that we all love to hate (or in some cases, love to love).

Whether it turns out to be twelve or two, the bottom line is that some all-new ‘Harry Potter’ stories are on their way this week. Do you have any guesses as to what fresh material we could be seeing on Pottermore courtesy of J.K. Rowling? Share your guesses in the comments below.