Syfy’s second season for ‘Helix‘ is on the way and we’ve got the first extended look at what is in store for you to share! While the first season kept us in suspense with how they are dealing with this outbreak in an isolated environment, it looks as if we’re quickly going to find things going form bad to worse.

In the latest trailer we see more of Steven Weber’s cult following though not much of a hint at what we’ll see them getting up to. What we will see, though, is what looks to be a new virus that is even more horrific than the one we had seen in the first season. Honestly all of the initial footage we’re seeing here almost feels that we’ll be getting an entirely different case and show. I’m curious how this is going to tie into the storyline of the first season. While Weber does have a cult, none of the rest looks to be related. At least, so far. I’m sure they’ll have some surprise way to bring it all together for us.

We know that the CDC by Dr. Allan Farragus will be back and thankfully this time isn’t stuck just in one location. Of course, last season’s finale hinted at just how much things had changed. This time it does appear we’ll be seeing a focus on an island that has caused a fungus parasite to start killing those it is in contact with, well aside from one person that survived from it.

Are you looking forward to the second season of ‘Helix’? Do you think the changes that we’ll be seeing look to be a good compliment to the first season’s story arc?


Syfy will be infected with the second season of ‘Helix’ on January 16, 2015 at 10/9c.

Source: Cinema Blend