It’s that special time of year again, and everyone is running around like a chicken with its head cut off trying to find all of the best last minute gifts for the people they care about most! The holiday season is in full swing with some having already passed and others just days away! The year is coming to a close so it’s time to celebrate with the giving of gifts to the people who are the most important to us all. Last year we gave you an epic three part list (which you can find here, here, and here) to give you some awesome gift ideas for all of the geeks in your life, and this year we are back for more! As always, the crew here at has your back and is ready to assist you in the spreading of holiday cheer with our annual Ultimate Geek Gift Guide! Here’s the rundown of our best recommendations in Your Guide To The Ultimate Geek Gifts 2015!

The Bag Of Holding: Con Survival Edition

Our team here at have been big fans of Think Geek’s ‘Bag Of Holding’ since the original version came out a few years back, but this new ‘Con Survival Edition’ really takes the cake by giving us an all new rendition on this timeless classic geek accessory! This new ‘Con Survival Edition’ Bag Of Holding is made with convention goers in mind, meaning it’s a bit smaller and more compact, while also made with your convenience and ease of use in mind! The full rundown and specs from ThinkGeek are below, but this one is definitely a no brainer kind of gift for anyone who goes to multiple comic cons, toy conventions, and pop culture events each year!

We designed this bag with the busy convention attendee with a hectic schedule and a crowded hall in mind. Why’d we do it? Because we attend cons, too, and we know how crazy it can get. You already know ThinkGeek has a booth at around 8 conventions a year, but we also spend a lot of time at cons as attendees, and we’ve spent plenty of valuable minutes looking for someplace to sit so we can check the map or schedule or hook up a charger. Inevitably, we end up wandering away from the convention floor, and once we find someplace to sit we really DO need the map because we have no idea where we are.

This Con-Survival Edition of our ever-popular Bag of Holding is slightly smaller than our traditional Bag of Holding to make you more maneuverable in crowds. The front pocket is hinged and has a clear vinyl pouch for your tablet or iPad so you can check your map or schedule one-handed. Lost? A quick tug of one of the double-zippers on the front pocket will let you get your bearings quickly without hassle. The vinyl’s thin enough to allow for capacitive touch so you don’t even have to remove your touchscreen device from the bag. And a pass-through grommet between the main and front pockets allows you to run cables between the two compartments for more convenient charging. It also has all the sewn-in pockets you’ve come to expect from a Bag of Holding, but this version of the bag has one final con-specific feature. There are two side mesh pockets, which you traditionally see used for water bottles. One of these side pockets has a toggle pull at the bottom, as well, so you can open the bottom to hold a poster, your zombie-prevention spear, or a lightsaber. It may not keep your poster from being munged in the mass of people, but it will keep you out of that frustrating situation where you leave your poster in a booth because you had it in your grubby little hands and had to put it down. On which note, the carabiners are a great place to snap a little bottle of hand sanitizer so you can avoid the concrud. We like you healthy.

  • Product Specifications

  • The Con-Survival Edition of our ever-popular Bag of Holding

  • A ThinkGeek creation & exclusive

  • Bigger on the inside! (or, well, it seems like it)

  • d20 badge with “Bag of Holding” proudly attached to the front

  • Small enough for a crowded hall; big enough for all your stuff

  • Hands-free hinged front pocket for checking your schedule / map / face without having to stop

  • Clear vinyl pocket inside hinged front pocket allows for capacitive touch so you can use your tablet while it’s in the bag

  • Pass-through grommet between main and front pockets allow you to run cables between the two compartments for easier charging

  • Top handle makes it easy to grab and go

  • Shoulder strap adjusts from 20″ – 28″ drop (includes shoulder pad)

  • Shoulder strap has an extra band for all your collectible convention pins

  • Carabiners swivel 360° to reduce tangling

  • Mesh side pockets for water bottles – one has a toggle pull at the bottom (both have one at the top) so you can open the bottom to hold a poster, your zombie-prevention spear, or a lightsaber

  • Front is hook-and-loop material (the smooth, soft side) so you can apply patches (comes with Timmy and ThinkGeek logo vinyl patches)

  • Materials: 100% polyester

  • Care Instructions: Hand-wash only

  • External Dimensions: 14 1/2″ tall x 13″ wide x 4 1/2″ deep

  • Interior Dimensions: Main Padded Compartment: 13 1/2″ tall x 10″ wide x 3″ deep (closes with 2 zippers & contains 5 sewn-in pouches for batteries, chargers, phones, etc.) Front Pouch: 11″ tall x 9 1/2″ wide w/rounded corners (closes with 2 zippers & contains 4 sewn-in pouches + 1 clear vinyl pocket) Clear Vinyl Pocket: 9 3/4″ tall (1/2″ more if you ignore the closure) x 8 1/2″ wide (closes with hook-and-loop and has elastic corners to hold contents in place – fits an iPad beautifully) Rear Document Pocket: 11″ tall x 9″ wide (closes with hook-and-loop) Weight: 2 1/2 lbs.


One gift that pretty much covers everybody on your holiday shopping list is Minimates from Diamond Select Toys! These 2″ tall Minimate figures have designs based on some of your favorite pop culture properties like ‘Antman‘, ‘Predator‘, ‘Gotham‘, ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas‘, and a ton more! These figures are small and super customizable, so they make a great gift for anyone who is into toys and collectibles!

Sphero BB-8 Droid

The one gift at the top of every ‘Star Wars’ fans wishlist is almost certainly the epic BB-8 app controlled Droid from Sphero! This little guy is a miniature version of the popular character from the mega blockbuster film ‘Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens’! He is controlled via a free app that you install on your smartphone and he will roll around on just about any surface, bringing a little piece of a Galaxy Far Far Away back home with you!

Dark Horse Deluxe Statues & Replicas

The team over at Dark Horse Deluxe have been blowing us away with each new piece announced from their collectibles department! Two of their most popular brands are ‘Game Of Thrones’ and ‘Halo’, based on the hit television series and video game respectively. For ‘Game Of Thrones’, Dark Horse Deluxe has been releasing a series of large scale figurines, as well as several larger statuettes and scaled replicas! Two we highly recommend checking out are their Daenery’s & Drogon Statuette, and their miniature 7″ Iron Throne Replica! From Halo they have also been releasing a series of scaled ship replicas, like the ever popular UNSC Pelican Drop Ship Replica (which we reviewed here) and the recently released Covenant Truth And Reconciliation Replica!

Hatching Dinosaur Egg Candle

This year saw the triumphant return of the ‘Jurassic Park’ franchise after over a decade of silence, and people can’t seem to get enough dinosaurs! While this isn’t a licensed ‘Jurassic Park’ product, the team at Firebox have released this nifty little Hatching Dinosaur Egg Candle! This candle is shaped like a dinosaur egg, and as it burns away it reveals a small baby Velociraptor made of porcelain! The best part? Once the candle has burned it’s last, the porcelain Raptor is yours to keep forever! Every dinosaur enthusiast would jump at their chance to hatch a Raptor of their own, so this gift sounds pretty fantastic!

LED Potion Desk Lamp

For the magic user in your life, there’s the LED Potion Desk Lamp from ThinkGeek! This small desk lamp looks like a generic potion bottle out of one of your favorite RPGs, and changes colors at the push of a button! Choose to display the lamp as Red, Blue, Green, or Yellow potion, or if you can’t decide on just one, you can set it to perform a slow fade from one color to the next! Either way, this potion is sure to cure what ails you!

Imaginext Megazord

Okay, so this one is geared a bit more towards the younger geeks in your life, but I think we both know you’re kidding yourself if you don’t think that the twenty-something that grew up watching ‘Mighty Morphin Power Rangers’ wouldn’t squeal with joy upon receiving this massive two-foot-tall Megazord from Fisher Price’s ‘Imaginext’ line. This thing is HUGE, doubles as a playset, and includes two Imaginext Power Rangers figures! It’s a great display piece for adult collectors, while also being the perfect gift for your favorite youngling!

Marvel Legends Box Sets

Over the years, the Marvel Legends toyline has certainly had it’s ups and downs. The 6″ scale action figure series seems to be doing better than ever after a few years of mis-steps, and these figures are sure to be on your favorite collectors wishlist! There are a few big Marvel Legends box sets currently on the market, but the two most popular seem to be the Amazon Exclusive ‘Avengers: Age Of Ultron’ box set that includes Bruce Banner, Hawkeye, Thor, and Black Widow as seen in the recent summer blockbuster, while the other set is a comic book styled ‘Guardians Of The Galaxy’ set! Either one would be sure to spark excitement from most toy collectors, so these sets are a solid go to gift!

Clerks Select Figures

For your favorite Kevin Smith fan, it’s ‘Clerks Select’ figures from Diamond Select Toys! These 7″ scale figures come straight at you in black and white coloring from the film that launched Kevin Smith’s career back in 1993! Included in this series are Dante, Randal, Jay, and Silent Bob! These figures look great and come with a ton of fun accessories, but best of all the specialty store versions include pieces to build a diorama of ‘The Quickstop and RST Video’ from the film for your display! There are cheaper versions available at ToysRUs for almost half the price of the deluxe specialty store versions, but the TRU figures do not include the diorama pieces, so it definitely seems worth it to spend a little more to get this fantastic display! Diamond Select has also released Select figures based on Jay & Silent Bob’s superheroic counterparts ‘Bluntman & Chronic’, as well as a  ‘Clerks’ Minimates box set in both Black & White and in color, so it’s a great time to be shopping for fans of the View Askewniverse!

Captain America Shield Backpack

For fans of Captain America, there is no weapon more iconic than Cap’s Shield! Now you or your favorite comic book fan can snag a wearable version of Captain America’s Shield that doubles as a fancy backpack! The shield straps on your shoulders as any backpack would, but it looks you’re wearing a shield just like Captain America!  This is sold exclusively on ThinkGeek but would make any Marvel fans holiday extra special!

DC Super Pets Plush

This year DC COllectibles launched a brand new line of plush toys that bring your favorite DC Universe animal friends to life in a new way! The DC Comics Super Pets line brings soft loveable plush versions of fan favorite characters like Krypto The Superdog, Red Lantern Dex-Starr, Streaky The Wonder Cat, and more! These are usually around 9″ tall and are a limited run product, so these definitely aren’t ones to miss! For your favorite DC Comics lover, the DC Collectibles Super Pets line is the perfect gift!

Han Solo In Carbonite Mini Fridge

This one is kind of a ‘must have’, whether its for your favorite ‘Star Wars’ fan, or just a pick up for yourself this season! I mean really, it’s a Mini Fridge designed to look like Han Solo frozen in Carbonite, and it will keep all of your favorite beverages nice and cool! It should fit about eighteen cans of soda with it’s two shelves removed, which is nothing to scoff at! It’s the ultimate addition to any geek headquarters and is set to be the most prized trophy for any ‘Star Wars’ fan.

DC Collecitbles ‘Batman: The Animated Series’

For many Batman fans, the 1992 masterpiece ‘Batman: The Animated Series’ defined how we would view The Dark Knight for years to come. Now, decades after the series has come to an end, DC Collectibles has been pumping out wave after wave of highly detailed and fully articulated action figures based on the hit series! These are all spot on designs that perfectly capture the look and feel of the characters from the legendary series, and each figure comes packaged with a bunch of fantastic episode specific accessories to help bring them to life!

On top of the awesome figures in this line, DC Collectibles has completely outdone themselves with the release of the massive ‘Batman: The Animated Series’ Batmobile vehicle! This large vehicle features lights and sounds, and even has an opening drivers seat that you can fit your figures in to! It’s a bit pricey, but you definitely get what you pay for! If you know someone who loves Batman, the figures and  vehicle from this line make the ultimate gifts!

Super Fight

For people who love card games (and lets face it, we all know one!), there’s the epic new ‘Super Fight’ game! You take two characters from various facets of pop culture and media, give them a unique weapon or power set, and the rest of the players vote to decide who wins the battle! This might sound kind of lame, but until you’ve played a hand with a Woolly Mammoth that is “In A Giant Hamster Ball” and “Armed With Nunchucks” against a T-Rex, but there’s “A Hundred Of Them” and they’re “Piloting An Attack Drone”! Just play the game and let hilarity ensue, it doesn’t get much better than that during the holidays with your loved ones!

Starlord’s Knapsack

Last year everyone got “hooked on a feeling” for Marvel’s ‘Guardians Of The Galaxy’, and now one of the coolest accessories from the film can be purchased for your favorite ‘Guardians’ fan; Starlord’s Knapsack! Throughout the film, Starlord wore his bag on him most of the time and it left a truly unique impression with most people, as it was distinctly a mashup of an over the shoulder messenger bag and a satchel, falling somewhere in between. Now you can pick one up from ThinkGeek to go out and start some trouble of your own in the galaxy! Trust me, if you ask any ‘Guardians Of The Galaxy’ fan, they’ll tell you that they are going to need that guy’s bag for their plan to work!

Funko Mystery Minis

If you’ve already got the perfect gift for someone, but wanted to find a little something extra or some stocking stuffers, look no further than Funko’s blindboxed ‘Mystery Minis’ line! These small vinyl figures come packaged blindly so you never know just who you are going to get, and come in a wide variety of themed sets like ‘Sci-Fi’, ‘Horror’, ‘DC Universe’, ‘Anime’, ‘Fallout’, ‘Avengers’, ‘The Walking Dead’, ‘Disney Princess’ and more! It’s impossible to go wrong with these guys!

DC Collectibles Icons

Over the years fans have complained that DC Collectibles favored sculpt over articulation when it came to most of their action figure lines. Over the last few years, they have been gradually changing the way they do things, and that has never been more apparent than it is in their recently released ‘Icons’ line! The ‘Icons’ line from DC Collectibles features super articulated versions of your favorite DC Universe characters that feature super detailed sculpts while retaining a mountain of articulation! These figures are meant to be definitive versions of these characters, so they stand out as the ‘iconic’ version of each hero or villain. So far we already have some of DC’s heavy hitters like Batman, Green Arrow, Green Lantern, The Flash, and more! There are so many great high quality figures in this line, that regardless of which one you pick up, you’re buying a fantastic gift for any DC Comics fan.

There you have it folks, the official Guide To Ultimate Geek Gifts 2015! We hope we were able to help you pick out something amazing for all of your closest geeky friends and family members, or maybe just a little something for yourself! We look forward to seeing you all again next year and hope you have only the happiest of holidays this season!