Gothamites rejoice! For those hungry for more ‘Gotham‘ now, the show released 3 new clips from next week’s episode, titled ‘Arkham,’ which may prove to be a pivotal episode of the season as the outcome could shift the balance of criminal power in the embattled city, and set the stage for an “Arkham City” story line. While Gordan is not seen in the clips, what we do see paints a picture of massive upheaval for the crime families, with everyone aware of how important the Arkham vote will be for the future.

In the first clip, titled “Send Him over,” we see Maroni ranting about Falcone and his tactics, followed by a battlefield promotion of Oswald Cobblepot (the future penguin) to restaurant manager. Maroni praises Oswald for his actions in the previous episode, and shows him the stripe of blood marking the passing of the last manager. I’m sure Oswald can’t wait to jump into the position now.

The second clip, titled “At least you can sing,” shows Fish Mooney auditioning new talent. The young lady in question is then asked to “seduce” Fish, and we realize she is being hired for more than her voice, which is then confirmed when Fish dismisses the singer, saying she needs a weapon.

The third and final clip, titled “What’s in it for me?” has Harvey Bullock visiting Fish, with a discussion about Falcone and his need to stop Maroni from getting his hands on Arkham.

For anyone needing some help figuring out what exactly is going on, here’s a description of the episode from the show:

“As a contentious city council vote on the future of the Arkham district approaches, politicians from both sides are in danger. Gordon and Bullock must race to protect the council and an old friend visits Gordon.”

‘Arkham’ will be the fourth episode of the first season of ‘Gotham’, and will air on October 13th. Check back here the next day for our recap!

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