If you aren’t done with all of the horror that has been hitting the airwaves yet, you should be happy to hear that ITV has just announced that it has ordered the period piece following the exploits of ‘Jekyll & Hyde.’ It’s set to be an action filled drama that will be full of CGI monsters and more in this 10-part series which is based off of Robert Louis Stevenson’s classic ‘The Strange Case Of Dr Jekyll And Mr Hyde.’ Actor and writer Charlie Higson (‘The Enemy’,’Young Bond’) will serve as both executive producer and head writer on the series with Colin Teague (‘Being Human,’ ‘The White Queen’) on directing duties.

The series is set to take place in a 1930’s London when Hollywood glamour was all of the rage along with sleek cars and monster movies. It sounds like the perfect backdrop for such a series. The series won’t actually be following the original Dr. Jeckyll but will instead follow Robert Jekyll who is the Doctor’s grandson. We learn that Robert is on medicine by a certain Dr Vishal Najaran to control a disease and as a young man coming into his own, he wants to know exactly what this infliction is as well as more of his own past. We’ll be seeing one actor play the role who also transforms into Hyde at some point in moments of anger, stress, or when lives are threatened.

I suspect that this will happen after he goes off the medicine mentioned above.

Also, CGI will be central to the transformation and what are described as superhero sequences so I expect we’ll see Hyde being more of a hero than a villain. Also we’ll see recurring characters where this CGI is used in “monsters, ghouls, zombies, werewolves, vampires and general freaks of nature.”

According to Higson, “It’s an exciting challenge to take Stevenson’s work and use it as the basis for a new Jekyll & Hyde. So many superheroes with secret dual personalities have been brought to life thanks to Jekyll & Hyde. He’s one of literatures most important and influential characters and it’s a privilege to be rediscovering him.”

ITV’s Director of Drama Steve November added in that, “Charlie’s vivid and compelling scripts cleverly introduce a brilliant set of characters to a new generation of viewers. We’re thrilled to be commissioning Jekyll & Hyde for a modern day audience.”

At this time while no stars are attached you do have to remember that ITV’s other horror piece that they just picked up is ‘The Frankenstein Chronicles‘ which is starring fan favorite Sean Bean (‘Game of Thrones,‘’The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring’) so it wouldn’t surprise me if we have a big name end up being attached here as well. As casting is underway I’m sure we’ll be hearing more on who is attached to the projcet soonk, especially with filming set to begin in January of 2015 in Sri Lanka before moving back to February in February.

Are you looking forward to a new take on this classic pair of minds inhabiting a single body? Are you happy to hear that ITV is doubling down on horror themes shows? Share your thoughts below!

Source: ITV