‘Arrow’ is going to be busy this year, what with introducing all of the new flashbacks now that we are no longer are going to focus on Oliver’s backstory, but much more importantly, with trying to utilize Manu Bennet’s Deathstroke as much as possible now that they are allowed to use him again, all while still servicing the main cast. And how exactly will Deathstroke’s story tie in with Oliver? According to an interview executive producer Wendy Mericle had with TV Line recently:

“We have this amazing story that is going to tie in with Oliver’s dealings with his own son, as he helps Slade find Joe Wilson.”

When asked asked whether this meant Slade’s son Joe would have a big role this season, Wendy replied:

“I can’t tell you exactly that. What I can say is that the theme this season is family, and Slade will definitely be, whether it’s flashbacks or present day, we’re not 100% sure yet, he’ll be dealing with similar debate and similar thematic territory.”

And thanks to an exclusive report by EW, we now know exactly who is going to be playing Joseph Wilson, as well as some of his story details. It seems that the ‘Arrow’ folks have cast ‘Lucifer’ alum Liam Hall in the role of Slade Wilson’s first born son, and he is first slated (no pun intended) to appear in the two-part Deathstroke event (episodes 5 and 6). Story-wise, it looks like Joe Wilson, just like his dad, will be a member of the secret Australian military agency ASIS, but though he has become a skilled agent, he is now being held in a Kasnian prison (they sure do like going back to the made up Kasnia on this show). Oh, and he is being held under the alias of Kane Wolfman.

And for those not in the know, this is definitely not Grant Wilson, the second son of Deathstroke, who we previously saw in the ‘Legends of Tomorrow’ episode ‘Star City 2046’ as the new Deathstroke who was the arch-nemesis to Connor Hawke, the new Green Arrow of the future. No, Joseph Slade, in the comics is his own character, with the moniker of Jericho, with his own backstory and powers. After an incident in which his throat was slashed after being kidnapped and used against his father, Joseph/ Jericho lost the ability to speak, though in his late teens it was revealed he was a metahuman with an ability to astral project into other people and control their words and actions. Presently, he seems to be on the side of right, working with the New 52 Versions of Wally West and Power Girl on a hero team with his father.

For the ‘Arrowverse,’ the last we heard of Slade Wilson’s family is that his wife and son Joseph had been killed during a raid on the man’s home, facts which clearly are not entirely true based on the dossier Oliver and Felicity put together, which Oliver presented to Slade at the end of Season 5. With all of this set-up, it certainly feels like the show wants to use Slade and his family a lot in Season 6, and personally, I think I would be ok with it, though I hope Team Arrow does not suddenly forgive everything the man has ever done, because, again, Deathstroke did almost destroy the city, and he killed Moira, so he has a lot to atone for, even if he was in a mirakuru rage.

What are your thoughts on the casting of Liam Hall in the role of Joseph Slade? And the idea of Deathstroke finding his family playing a big role in the season? Share your opinions in the comments below!