It looks like FX is loving the success of the book to TV adaptation 0f ‘The Strain‘ and has now signed on Alan Moore’s ‘From Hell’ to be developed into a new series.

While ‘From Hell’ has made it to the big screen back in 2001 with Johnny Depp and Heather Graham starring in the thriller, FX wants to take it to the small screen and really do the source material justice. This is great news as the nearly 600-page graphic novel really lost a lot of its bite when it was cut to just two hours in length with characters being changed and removed completely. On top of that, instead of a murder mystery as the film presented us we know right off the bat who is behind the murders which I suspect is something FX will also stay true to.

With so many movie to television projects in the works, it’s good to know that we can’t count ‘From Hell’ among them as there is so much more that can be explored in this extended format. That being said, since the series will air on FX they can also be a little harsher with what they are allowed to get away in showing and this is one of the few networks that I think could do the series justice.

FX has tapped David Arata (‘Children of Men’) to pen the script and producer Don Murphy will be on board saying that with “event series” being so popular, this would be the perfect format for the graphic novel. No word yet if the plan is for a miniseries, a single season or multi-season adaption to tell this story. FX isn’t overly known for just doing miniseries so I suspect we’ll be getting at least a full season of the show.

The graphic novel itself has won the Eisner, Harvey, and Ignatz Awards for Best Graphic Novel. In it, we see a new take on the Jack the Ripper murders and how they fit in with British history, rituals, London, and the cover up that came from it in the form of a huge conspiracy. It is a tale that only the twisted mind of Moore could come up with and one that I’m hoping can be done justice in a longer format.

Alan Moore has been a creative force whose work has been adapted in many forms of media though he isn’t always happy with what is being down as he recently bashed Fox’s upcoming take on ‘The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen.’

What are your thoughts on another of Moore’s works being turned into a television series? Are you excited or did the movie or Moore’s recent hatred for adult comic book readers drive any interest you may have had for this into the ground?

Source: Screen Rant